An Introduction to Psychosynthesis: the Consciousness Egg

Here’s some great thoughts on Assagioli and the Consciousness Egg.

Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

Many years ago I went through a kind of breakdown and renewal of my consciousness that triggered an awakening. At the time I believed I was going mad, but then I discovered psychosynthesis and it helped me to realise that I was actually waking up.

My first glimpse of the Higher Self pulled me back from the brink of suicide and saved my life. I didn’t understand what had happened, but then I came across this book and it all became clear. It gave me a language I could use to understand what I was going through and how I could help myself to grow into a more whole person. The book was the beginning of my journey into learning more about how our consciousness works.

The famous Egg Diagram is used to illustrate the multidimensional nature of the human mind and how the various parts of your consciousness relate…

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Substantial First – Then Supersubstantial

To earn Substantial Bread you must serve others, to earn Supersubstantial Bread you must serve the Daimon. Both are necessary, but you need Substantial nourishment first. This builds the basis from which you can aspire to Supersubstantial nourishment.

It is a great irony, that in a free market the best way to help yourself it to create something that is valuable to others; so valuable that they are willing to exchange value with you for your creation. It is very simple and it is something that everyone does everyday, maybe even hundreds of times. Someone created something so valuable you are willing to voluntarily exchange your own representative value i.e. capital, for it. Their hamburger is worth more than your $5 so you exchange, their pair of shoes is worth more than your $40 so you exchange, your labor on this or that is worth more that $15/hour to an employer, so you exchange; and the list goes on and on. Millions of exchanges of value every day that makes everyones life a little better, a little more substantial.

This is the free market; this is Capitalism; and the reason I say it is an irony is because popular opinion holds that Capitalism is the greatest epitome of selfishness. Yet just the opposite is true, for mankind is best served in pursuit of individual rational self-interest.

Go forth and seek nourishment so that you might become Supersubstantial.