Asmodeus X – Black Fire

Black Fire Album Art: Corona King by Komodokat

As many of you know I’m also a musician, taking inspiration from the great musical Magi of the past like Anton LaVey, Gurdjieff, Pythagoras and Zarathustra. Well I couldn’t be happier to announce the release of the latest offering from my band Asmodeus X – The Black Fire EP.

Now we’d been working on this new folkish body of work for the last year, and then as you all know the Coronapocalypse hit. Suddenly our right to free-assembly was overnight suspended by the forces of inertia and we had to stop working on everything overnight. It’s hard to work on recording a new album when you can’t meet in your studio. We started meeting weekly online via Skype to review the mixes we had and soon realized four of the songs were pretty much complete, and so the vision of the Black Fire EP was born!

Some are saying this is stylistic change for Asmodeus X – more folkish, even western with all the acoustic instrumentation. But we think it’s more like a Remanifestation of our essence, the the acoustic elements from Wolf Age and Morningstar reborn with a new vigor and enthusiasm.

See for yourself – You can check out and download the tracks at Band Camp, iTunes, Spotify!

Get the album!:

Asmodeus XThe Black Fire EPWorldwide release: May 4, 2020Four great songs to lament the death of the old world and illuminate the apocalyptic timesbefore us.
Track Listing:
1. Farewell to the West
2. The Bright Ones (Slips Away Edit)
3. Riding Back from Hell
4. Black Fire

Album cover art by Komodokat

Asmodeus X is:Paul Fredric – Vox, Acoustic Guitar – Rhythm
Vasquez – Vox, Acoustic Guitar – Lead
Joel 313 – Vox, Acoustic Bass

All songs recorded between 2019 – 2020 at the Blue Room Studio on the South Side of Houston, Texas.

Produced by Paul Fredric


Riding Back From Hell

After the release of Dark Ides of Summer in July 2018, we had a little break. It wasn’t so much voluntary as necessary, as we all found life pulling us in different directions at the time, and I found myself ‘on the road’ pursuing other projects for about a year. One result of this was I started working on music by myself in an effort to stay engaged, and the best tool for this is the good old acoustic guitar. I busted out my Ovation, the same one I’d used for recording the acoustic tracks on Wolf Age (White Mountains) and on Morningstar (Morningstar Visionary Mix).
Some people don’t know this but most of Wolf Age was born out of Gary Lesikar (Frank Faust) and me sitting around jamming on our acoustics with copious amount of ‘Ice-Cold Budweiser’ and yes a few times it was even around a campfire.

I thought about those nights a lot as I sat around jamming by myself into the wee hours of Saturday night. The ghost of Gary always makes me wonder how things might have gone had he lived, and so maybe a part of me thought I could just pick up where we left off. A lot of the old Asmo songs even up into Sanctuary were originally composed on acoustic, so they were easy to revive. As I started to run out of old Asmo songs, I began a deep-dive into traditional Folkish, Western and Country music.
I studied the greats like Hank Williams, Walon Jennings and George Jones – Gary had turned me on to all of these in back in the day but only now could I grok it, only after so much chaos and ramblin’. I studied the innovators like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and then of course the dark lords of my generation like Death In June and the Marionettes. Then somewhere out of all this a few new songs started to emerge.

When the bands schedules started to come back around and we re-assumed our weekly Thursday night ‘clubhouse’ meetings at The Blue Room, I brought along my acoustic to show the guys the new songs I was working on, and what can I say…the guitar just never went away. It felt like the ghost of all the people who had been in and out of the group over the years was being evoked – all the Gary’s, Brad’s, Allison Skott’s, Tigs and Kali’s. Suddenly it seemed pretty miraculous that the three of us – Joel, Vas, and Paul – were even still alive let alone still standing around jamming together. It really did feel like we were Riding Back from Hell. We spent maybe six months jamming the songs unplugged before we even bothered to figure out some kind of rhythm.

We discovered a lot of those old Asmo Songs – like The Bright Ones – lend themselves really well to acoustic versions, and that in so doing new levels of depth and warmth are revealed in them. The albums-worth of new songs we were doing all had a pretty apocalyptic feel, maybe we had a premonition of the Coronapocalypse that was just around the corner, or maybe we were always just that Apocalyptic, but when the pandemic hit we knew it was time get some of these tracks out there to mark the occasion.

So here it is – the Black Fire EP. If it all goes well it will be followed up by a full length album will be called maybe Riding Back from Hell or maybe Farewell to the West, who knows?But for now here’s four great songs to lament the death of the older world and the illuminate the apocalyptic times before us. If you’ve followed us this far, we think you’ll appreciate the evolutionary change, which is as much a reiteration of our late-90’s neo-folk roots, as it is a natural process of maturation. But you have to remember – that old world is dead. Fortunately for you, these tunes are all perfect for humming while bidding a fond farewell to The West.

-Paul Fredric
The Houston Chronicle says: The new album fuses the group’s goth spirit with a folk sensibility.
Visit Houston Chronicle Preview article by Jef Rouner

Supersubstantial in the Parable of the Leaven

The idea of the Supersubstantial appears a number of times in the Book of Matthew. I’ve already written much on Matthew 6:9-13 the First Petition of the Lords Prayer, where what has commonly been interpreted as ‘daily’ bread is revealed as ‘supersubstantial‘ bread. Now I will look at another instance of Supersubstantial revealed in the symbolism of bread.

Matthew 13:33

“…The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.”

-Magus Jesus

First let us remember that throughout the gospel the term Kingdom of Heaven and its other variation is used to refer to a particular state of being. For centuries Church Christianity has worked very hard to bury this and convince the world that it actually refers to a place – that is, a magical fairy-like place that you will go to when you die if you are faithful and obedient to the Church in life. However a careful study will reveal that “Kingdom of Heaven,” “My Father’s Kingdom,” “Kingdom of God” and so forth were originally intended to refer to an internal state of being. This is especially verified in Luke 17:21 where Jesus says “The kingdom of God is within you.”

What can this mean? Why the use of the term Kingdom to represent an inner state? Kingship represents sovereignty. A sovereign is not ruled by anyone else. He is not subject to any greater will, therefore his own will reigns supreme. He has control of all of this constituent parts – the sovereign has dominion over his body, his thoughts, and especially his feelings. For one who has not sovereignty, the passions always pull them this way and that, subjecting them to any number of external wills. To have awakened the Kingdom of Heaven within the self is to be king of the self, king of your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

So Kingdom of Heaven refers to a state of inner sovereignty, inner kingship. You could also say permanent I or objective consciousness. In the Diabolicon this probably corresponds with the figure of the Red Magus who has attained ‘mastery of the Black Flame’ and knows ‘that he is not subject to a greater Will.’

So the parable is giving us something like an alchemical recipe – the ingredients we need to create a sovereign state of being.

Leaven is the equivalent of today’s yeast. In ancient times it was made by placing a piece of bread in a dark, damp place until it rotted, molded and stank. It goes through a death-transformation process and eventually becomes a substance that can be used in the work of transformation of life.

But before adding the leaven, the woman reaches into a jar and gets three measures of flour which she sets out. The number three here is significant. It represents man in his ordinary ‘natural’ state – a three-brained being with a physical brain, emotional brain, and an intellectual brain.

Then she gets the leaven. She doesn’t just throw it down, she hides it in the flour. This could mean that a small essence of Supersubstantial is already hidden in you; it could also mean that the reception of Supersubstantial influences is a subtle process and not always immediately apparent. In anycase, it goes through and transforms all the rest of the being until is also leavened, also of Supersubstantial essence.

In the ordinary state, man’s three centers of sensing, feeling and thinking are generally in a state of disarray. They are in conflict, each attempting to dominate. In every individual typically one center comes to dominate, and so we have ideas like Man #1, Man #2, Man #3 – physical man, emotional man, intellectual man, and here ends possible evolution for most. The octave of man’s natural evolution can go no further than these three stages. Nearly all of humanity exists only in these first three stages, the latter stages being for the most part unaccessible.

But in the course of discovering esoteric knowledge, a fourth capacity may arise in man – observation. Observation is not really a center, it only occurs from time to time and can never really be made habitual like other center-based behaviors can be. This is one reason we need to find schools to work with the fourth capacity, so we will remember to observe. But in this simple act of observing, the centers start to behave themselves. They fall in line. The act of observation tends to bring order to chaos. There is another analogy here of three young boys running wild and playing and causing a ruckus. Father comes to the window and just watches them. He doesn’t get involved, start scolding or shaking his fist, because then he we get pulled down into it – down in to their level. This happens all the time, people try to stop chaos by actively combating it and only get pulled into it. But father knows better, and he just stands there at that window and just watches, and pretty soon the boys – aware of being watched – all calm down and start behaving.

Here father is the capacity of observation, and the boys are the centers. The act of observation is like the adding of leaven to the flower – the leaven then goes through and transforms all the flower to leaven. Or perhaps in the act of observing, an opening occurs in which higher influences – Supersubstantial influences – are allowed to enter being and coat the centers. The act of watchfulness cancels the imbalance created by the dysfunctional activities of the centers and this creates the space, or a ‘void’ in which true creation can take place. Being can now receive a new kind of nourishment. The centers fall in line and order themselves, and a new kind of growth can start taking place – the growth of essence which is also known by the word Xeper.

Another mystery is that the Supersubstantial enters by the intercession of a feminine force as in the parable it is a woman who is making the bread. This could represent the feminine nature of spirit, sophia, or the Egyptian Ma’at all of which have a feminine linguistic basis. It could also mean that the state needed to allow in the Supersubstantial is a receptive or passive state, rather than an active one. It may also represent Runa, which has a dark feminine connotation, and that the mystery is a kind of opening to be able to receive something higher.

Observation is akin to the idea of ‘watchfulness’ which also occurs numerous times throughout the gospels but the idea that it refers to watchfulness of the self, is replaced with admonitions to pay attention to scripture, images of Jesus and so forth.

Observation is also one of the most distinct and practical results of the Gift of Set. The experience of isolate intelligence, of being self aware, means that we are able to observe ourselves. Self-observation is one of the most fundamental ways in which we may exercise the Gift of Set, and as it is part of this achemical process as illustrated in the parabolic level, is a direct source of food for Xeper.



The Holy Planet Parallax – a Fragment

I must tell you now of the story of the time period immediately following the first Great Cosmic Disturbance to the Sol system, when the independently inspired Arch Daimon Beelzebub decided it was time for him to retire from that system for a spell.

You see, it happens to be the case that when great cosmic shocks like this occur on a galactic scale, they open up certain windows of opportunity, where things which might ordinarily seem impossible suddenly become quite possible and even more desirable. It may for instance open opportunities for travelling great distances, or perhaps to create some great new source of beauty or inspiration. Sometimes even great sources of fiery wisdom and superstantial essence will become available for those who are ready to receive it. This is one reason the Arch Daimon Belial had always taught his students to be aware, to be wakeful, and to be watchful; so that the would be prepared to act when the opening occurs.

In the case of Beelzebub, he used the opportunity to journey far across the vast and unlimited Cosmos until he arrived in the system of Episuub and it’s outermost orbiting body, the Holy Planet Parallax. Now, before getting too deeply involved in all that transpired from this sojourn, I must first tell you some things about his very interesting planet.

The star Episuub was then what you would call a Red Dwarf, emitting a stream of energy somewhat subdued in comparison to your own stat Sol. Around her three planets orbited rather closely, all of which were gaseous and too hot for life. But somewhat further out was a fourth planet which enjoyed hospitable conditions not unlike what you enjoy on Earth. This was the Holy Planet Parallax, or as it was casually referred to: Parallax.

What you may find curious about Parallax is that is was ‘tidally locked,’ meaning that it did not enjoy it’s own rotation independent of Epi Sub, but rather – like your own Moon always presents the same face to Earth – the same face of Parallax was always facing Episuub. So, only one side of the planet ever got any sunlight, the other side was in perpetual darkness. Thus there was a Light Hemisphere, and a Dark Hemisphere; casually referred to as the ‘light side,’ and the ‘dark side.’

Parallax was overall only slightly larger than your Earth. On the light side, the sun was always in the center of the sky. You could always tell where you were on the planet by observing the position of the Sun. In the center, it was the hottest and the brightness there was about the same as your Earth one hour before sunset. As you moved away it got gradually darker until you reached the outermost rim of the hemisphere, where it was always twilight until you finally crossed that line and entered the dark side of the planet. Where ever you stood in the light hemisphere, your shadow pointed in the direction of the dark side, and the closer you were to it the longer your shadow was. Therefore the basis for describing movement was that one was always moving either toward the light side, or toward the dark side.

There was a central and circular landmass that was humid tropical region in the center directly beneath the sun, and giving way to lush plains and hill country before reaching the shores. Then about mid-hemisphere several series of islands. Then more ocean before vanishing in the eternal dusk. The seas became increasingly angry around the Outmost Rim, and there were frequent hurricanes and tropical storms that would move from the dark side into the light side.

If one managed to cross through one of the safe channels to the dark side one would still tread water for maybe a quarter of the hemisphere before striking land, and then it was a an amazingly large land mass at that taking up the rest it. It was generally hilly area giving way to mountain and then even larger mountains until you reached the center where there was one great mountain that was then the tallest mountain know of in all the cosmos. With no sunlight ever it was naturally very cold, but a number of highly volcanic areas produce a certain regularity of heat from the planet core that helped moderate the atmosphere there so that it was amenable to organic life, although at still quite cold, in many areas not unlike your own ‘Sibera.’



on Sakaki

I don’t know why but seem to get some of the nastiest comments on my Blog. Often they have very little to do with the points I’m trying to make and offer nothing to the discussion so, in the interest of keeping my little corner of the internet clean I decline to approve them.

Recently one such comment referred to me with a term that I was unfamiliar with; they called me a “weeaboo.” I had to go to the Urban Dictionary on this one:

Really? Me? I had to think about this. I even had to go back through my posts – did I say anything about Japanese culture? ever? I DID go through a big manga/anime phase circa 2003 but not much of that factors in heavily to my blogs here about Individuality, Setianism, Beelzebub, Gurdjieff, Capitalism and so forth.
Then I remembered – my pen name Sakaki is also a Japanese name and word for a kind of tree. Google “Sakaki” images and you’ll see nothing but anime. But you know what, Google Beelzebub and it’s the same thing – you’ll see maybe one or two goetic seals and fly images, and then a sh*t ton of anime images. Do they have a word for when Japanese Manga writers ‘appropriate’ our Western Demon names and twist them into some kind of teeny-bopper romance comic book characters? Do you hear us complaining about that?
Of course not. And in fact I would never complain about such a thing. I thought Bible Black was a very creative repurposing of Western Theistic Satanism. In fact I think the whole concept of Cultural Appropriation is ludicrous and really just an attempt by Statists to enforce their own form of segregation. To be honest it makes my blood boil to see Satanic imagery being re-purposed for porn. In my Subjective Universe Satanic imagery represents the most courageous, deep and sincere form of spiritual inquiry, so yea it kind of hurts my eyes to see people perverting it toward pornographic or even ‘social justice’ ends; but I would never challenge their right to do so.
In fact I recently heard a Social-Justice-Statist-Satanist (there has to be a shorter word for these types but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about)  imply that the Setian religion is guilty of Cultural Appropriation, with a “I don’t know how modern Egyptians would feel about all that” referring to our Westernized ideas about Set and the Neters. I’m pretty sure modern Egyptians don’t feel anything about Setians, and if they were at all aware of us would just consider us infidels or heretics like everyone else since Modern Egyptians are predominantly Muslim (90%) or Christian (10%). I’m sure Cultural Appropriation by Setians is the furthest thing from the moder Egyptian mind.
And anyhow, Cultural Appropriation is just the latest new weapon for Finger-Waggling and Good-Guy Badgery. It does no good for anyone and it actually inhibits and intimidates people and makes them hesitant to try new things – to eat new foods, wear new clothes, listen to new music, experiment with new hairstyles. Like Crowly said, the only word of sin is “Restriction” and these SJSS’s that go around Finger-Waggling people for listening to rap music or getting their hair dyed are the worst kind of enemies of Thelema and Free-Will.
In reality sharing and proliferation of culture is actually one of the more positive aspects of humanity as long as it is done freely. It is one of the things that helps humanity evolve as a whole, as we pick up new ideas, customs and memes that work better for achieving human goals, because along with culture comes critical things like language and technology. But the key is it has to be freely done; when authority intervenes – like when when the British forbade the Irish from speaking their native language in Medieval times, or when Statists enforced Jim Crow laws in the American South – the results were disastrous. Statists are threatening to do the same now pushing legislation to control our language (politically correct newspeak only!) and restrict our cultural options. (no appropriation!).
All that being said, I settled on the pseudonym Sakaki not because of anything Japanese, but because of something Gurdjieff. Sakaki is a character from G’s Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson – the Arch Angel who was put in charge of correcting the cosmic perturbation caused by the second Moon Anoolios crashing into the Earth. This was all back in the ‘old days’ of course.
Of course, my boy, our Endlessness was at once informed of this general cosmic misfortune. And immediately, a full commission of angels and archangels, specialists in the work of world-creation and world-maintenance, under the direction of the Great Archangel Sakaki, was dispatched from the Most Holy Sun Absolute to the solar system Ors. “The Most High Commission came to our planet Mars, since it was the nearest to the planet Earth, and from there began its investigations.
– BTtHG p. 80
It’s hard to say where G got the name from. I doubt it’s from Japan, as you don’t really see any other Japanese references in Beelzebub’s Tales or any other of his works. Quite possibly it is a hybrid name of Grecko-Armenian-Persian make like so many of G’s other word innovations. Or possibly it is a character G learned of from the folk tales of the various tribal ‘Ashoks’ we would have come into contact with in his youth. It is hard to say but something of Sakaki’s role in the whole effort resonated with me.  He spent some time on Mar as well.
“And so, my boy, since a cosmic actualization of this kind was possible only with the sanction of His Endlessness, the Great Archangel Sakaki, accompanied by several other sacred members of that Most High Commission, set off immediately to beseech His Endlessness to give His consent. “Afterward, when these Sacred Individuals had obtained the sanction of His Endlessness, the ilnosoparnian process was actualized on the planet Earth, still under the direction of the Great Archangel Sakaki. And so from that time on, on that planet, as on many others, there began to arise everything corresponding to the ‘ilnosoparno,’ thanks to which the detached fragments exist until now without constituting a threat of catastrophe on a universal scale. “The larger of these two fragments was named ‘Loonderperzo’ and the smaller ‘Anulios’; and the ordinary three-brained beings who arose and were formed on the Earth knew them by these names. But the beings of later times gave them different names at different periods, and more recently the larger fragment has come to be called ‘Moon,’ but the name of the smaller one was gradually forgotten. As for the beings there now, not only have they no name at all for this smaller fragment, but they do not even suspect its existence.
– BTtHG p. 82
The Inosoparnian Process has to do and electromagnetic technology that utilized the energy generated by the life force of humans on Earth to manipulate the orbit of objects in outer space, specifically the Moon – the one we’re all aware of; and also a smaller moon – one which we have lost knowledge of.
But this is the answer to why human life was initially established on Planet Earth – the needed electromagnetic Energy helped right the wrong in the Solar System so the planets and moons would stop crashing into each other and stabilize.
But this led to a second problem. This ordering of life – Three-Brained – always evolved naturally toward self-awareness or as G likes to call it ‘Objective Consciousness.’ Or as we Setian’s might say, “They can Xeper.” So eventually they would learn their purpose on Earth is only to maintain the Moon, and if they learned that they might get so depressed they would kill themselves.
“The sacred members of the Most High Commission then reasoned that if this mechanical instinct in the biped three-brained beings of that planet were to develop toward the attainment of Objective Reason, as usually occurs everywhere among three-brained beings, it might possibly happen that they would prematurely comprehend the reason for their presence on that planet and would then make a good deal of trouble; it might happen that once they understood the reason for their arising, namely, that by their existence they should maintain the detached fragments of their planet, and became convinced of their slavery to circumstances utterly foreign to them, they would refuse to continue this existence of theirs and on principle destroy themselves.
– BTtHG p. 86
Another way of looking at this is the idea of slaves becoming aware of their slavery. Consider how ‘Master’ cultures try to discourage education or self knowledge amongst their subordinate classes. There are many things Central Authority doesn’t want us looking in to and the list of forbidden subjects seems to increase every day.
Sakaki, like Loosios (Lucifer) and even Beelzebub himself is not always clearly a ‘good guy’ in all that transpires in the Tales of Beelzebub. Sakaki and Loosios are both closely involved in the establishment of Kundabuffer, which is actually a lot like the ‘caps’ that are put on people in the sci-fi novel The White Mountains. All of it leads back to the idea that humans evolving toward consciousness (Xeper) is actually a natural process that has been inhibited by external intervention.
This connects with why in The Erbeth Transmissions I suggested the possibility of two interventions: First, a pre-10,000 BC event where the Gift of Set was instilled that corresponds with the arising of intelligent human beings; Then a second, around 10,000 BC, corresponding with the Deluge (Atlantis, Noah, the People of Horus) and the arising of Centralized Authority Structures and slave states.
So this is one of the great reminders of Sakaki, that the work of seeing through those externally imposed blinders is crucial. It’s like taking the Red Pill and seeing that all these things you’ve been taught as reality were really just constructs – like the idea that certain groups of people have a right to impose authority over others. As you learn to see beyond the shadows new life gets breathed into your soul.

Supersubstantial Value and Valuation

Many years ago I helped my friend Serquet sort through some ideas concerning his forthcoming utterance of Synesis. After looking at all the pieces – the possibilities of psychic phenomena, coincidence, the metamind and so forth – final question was this: What is the value of it?

From this Serquet went his own direction, but for me the question touched on a deep mystery, a sense of Runa.

What is value? How do we determine some things as being more valuable than others?

We turn for a moment to the field of economics where we learn about the subjective theory of value. This is the idea that the value of a good is not determined by any inherent property, nor by the amount of labor necessary to produce the good, but instead value is determined by the importance an acting individual places on a good for the achievement of his desired ends. Such a valuation is influenced by numerous individual and situational factors like time, utility, psychology and any number of other factors. If one recognizes the existence of a subjective universe as Setians do, then one if force to admit that valuation is inherently subjective.

Subjective Value Theory explain how two people can come together – exchange capital, goods or services – and both walk away satisfied that they got a good deal. If there were no subjective aspect of value, then every exchange or transaction would result in a clear winner and loser. This is a central idea in Marxism, where every exchange is a form of exploitation. But experience doesn’t bear this out since exchanges in which both parties voluntarily engage and both parties walk away satisfied happen all the time. For instance: the new iPhone costs $300. The only way I or anyone else will buy the new iPhone is if I valuate it as being worth more than $300.  Apple for their part obviously consider $300 to be worth more than an iPhone – including the cost of all it’s component parts, labor that produced it, etc. Therefore their willingness to trade us one in exchange for $300. This is one way in which Marxism and it’s axiomatic Labor Theory of Value is fundamentally not Left-Hand Path, as it does not recognize the ability of the Subjective mind to make such valuations accurately or independently.

But in fact, this is something the subjective mind does and does quite frequently and efficiently. The human mind makes valuations and judgements 100s, maybe thousands of times a day; on everything from whether or not to buy the new iPhone to what’s the best deal for lunch, what’s the best moment to begin crossing the street, who’s the best stranger to ask directions from, what’s the best tie to wear, and so on. It is the ability of the subjective mind to make value judgments that give the individual the ability to pursue happiness, achieve a better lifestyle, to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and so on.

The same principle applies to all manner of personal exchange, but is especially relevant to initiatory endeavors. We seek to maximize the value of exchange and impressions. Two initiates can have an exchange of energy or ideas and both walk away feeling they have gained something of value. It is this fundamental desire of the Subjective Universe to identify and connect with value which fuels the initiatory drive to achieve something better, become something greater, and connect with something higher; to Remanifest Supersubstantial.

In one sense Epiousios represents the gold of initiatory impressions. We seek the highest and if what we have found is of some insubstantial or transient quality, it won’t be long before we’re out there seeking again. This is one reason Runa can be represented with the Graal search – the Graal typically symbolized by an object of great value and workmanship. As well the search for gold, for hidden treasures and so forth represent the idea of seeking value

Another way of considering this in the drive to produce value. In life people often get mistakenly and misguidedly wrapped up in the drive to acquire value. In the initiatory mindset we awaken to the truth that it is producing value that is the more virtuous and more worthy pursuit. The lead into gold myth of the alchemists then becomes an internal subject of work – it is the soul that we seek to transform into gold. We wish to produce value and realize that our soul is our greatest production.

Epiousios, the Supersubstantial, cuts right to the heart of this question. We seek that which is of greatest initiatory value so that we might Remanifest the greatest value within ourselves.




Daimonosophy – Farewell 3rd Edition.

The time has come to be thankful for what the year has brought us. The time has come to close a chapter in the evolution of this Daimonosophy experience.

The First Edition of Daimonosophy appeared circa 2006. Originally a simple series of essays covering the philosophy of the then fledgling Esoteric Order of Beelzebub.

A Second Edition expanded the work to be something that people outside of the EOB, and outside TOS, could relate to.

The Third Edition took it to the next level, being released by a third party publishing company. This whole idea started with interest from the old Runa Raven publishing house of Stephen Flowers, which was then being managed by his Waldo Thompson. This was an exciting moment indeed!

Then then came the Bastrop Texas wildfires of 2011 which would prove to be prelude to a much bigger disaster – the break-up of Runa Raven. Waldo lived in those hills outside of Austin along with the Flowers’ and others in a small rural community. Flowers and Thompson parted ways here, Thompson moving back to Portland and bringing a handful of titles with him to launch a new publishing house – Sirius Ink. Daimonosophy was among these.

At the time this seemed like a good solution for Daimonosophy – Thompson seemed to have a spirited promotional approach. At least he seemed to understand the importance of promotion in such works. I was then unaware of the depth of Thompson’s deceptiveness, or how badly he had betrayed others. I was to learn.

For a couple of years I received regular checks from Sirius Ink, did some interviews and promotions shots, and things seemed to be going fine. Then in 2017 Thompson quite unexpectedly passed away. There were no provisions for what I was to do about this situation – no other representatives of Sirius Ink that I was aware of and I could only assume that Mrs Thompson was collecting money for my works in perpetuity.

Since the time of Thompson’s death, I have not received a dime for any copies of Daimonosophy sold. Yes I know it has been selling as I have seen all of your on-line pics and comments about the book. This actually made me happy and gave me confidence to continue fighting for the title. I never complained or made a stink about it since in the end it’s not about making a ‘killing’ off the book but rather just keeping the Dark Fire burning and getting reasonable compensation for time and effort spent. There is no free lunch, as they say.

Long story short, I spent the last year virtually waving my copyright in the air banging on doors, making cold-calls and generally fighting for ownership of my work. All of this without loosing one dime to Lawyers or Legal Fees. Finally, Daimonosophy is back in my hands.

After those two copies at Amazon are gone, that should be it for the 3rd Edition. Other than used or shelf-copies, that should be it. No further stock reorders will be filled.

What about a 4th Edition? I can say that chances for that are good, but caution will be my guide and I’ll be looking at self-publishing options with a renewed respect. It was a hard lesson to learn, but glad I made it for the class.

Lords of Chaos the Movie

They finally put out this movie, based on the book of the same name and I saw it last night. It sent me on quite an ECI (Erotic Crystallization Inertia) adventure as I all these events reflect back to intense moments of my life.

In 1995 I was touring with my Goth Band Morphine Angel in Australia. This was our first time out touring with our new Guitarist Carl Gibson, who was himself a Metal fan and Black Metal in particular. In fact as I look back on it all now I think most of my first knowledge and impressions of Black Metal came from Carl. Carl’s weird obsessive interests in Black Metal, UFOs, and hypnotism were things that kept us entertained and ‘riffing’ while on the road and stories about church burnings in Norway was certainly a piece of it.

Now the Morphine Angel in the land of Oz is a whole story in itself, but I’m going to focus on just one gig, that was the last show of the tour which took place in the North Eastern corner of Australia, Brisbane. We were on the bill with another out of the country touring act called Immortal. I remember Carl our Black Metal expert was super excited about it but for me they were another of the many bands you meet on the road on the grind and busting ass to get by. They were great dudes, very friendly, supportive of our show (which was fairly a kind of goth/industrial metal thing) and we rocked out hard to them. Years later circa 2001 Carl reminded me of this show and that it was the band Immortal who had by that time gotten pretty big with the swell of Black Metal notoriety from the publication of the book Lords of Chaos. I had to look them up again and yes they looked pretty much like you see them on the cover of Pure Holocaust which must have been the album they were touring for at the time.

The other interesting thing that happened this very same night was I met Aaron Cheak – a young university student who I had corresponded with previously based on our common interest in Setian ideas. We had a day off after the show to just hang around in Brisbane and I used this time to hang out with Aaron and talk Black Magic, NLP and Fourth Way stuff. At the time this really felt like an aside but the irony here is that of all the other people that were there at the time including every single member of my band, Aaron is the only person I still really know, in fact he became a well known academic authority on Alchemy and you can here is interview with my on D2 here.

The Pope vs. Capitalism

The White Witch-Doctor of Collectivism

Pope Francis is a total Socialist. This keeps coming up in the sick Shibboleth of internet media. I know it’s stupid but it bothers me so much finally I wrote something. 

This came during a brief speech before world leaders at the U.N. “Agencies, Funds and Programmes” group May 2014 where Francis called for “equitable development” by the aforementioned means. His full comments go like this:

I do not hesitate to state . . . that equitable economic and social progress can only be attained by joining scientific and technical abilities with an unfailing commitment to solidarity accompanied by a generous and disinterested spirit of gratuitousness at every level. A contribution to this equitable development will also be made both by international activity aimed at the integral human development of all the world’s peoples and by the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the State, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.

This fact alone –  that it’s coming from the Pope – that alone should make you doubt and questions it. Let me first state the obvious: This guy isn’t going hunger and lives in an elite community inside high walls sitting on a mountain of ‘acquired’ wealth.

So, the Pope vs Capitalism. You might just as well say, the Pope vs. Freedom, the Pope vs. Liberty. Because that’s what Capitalism means – freedom in the realms of markets and individual exchanges of value. 

You see, basically All the practices from the Catholic Church come from the Dark ages – age where there was no concept of liberty, and freedom was only a dream for the afterlife –  and for the most part their practices are only slightly modified, if modified at all, for modern people. And though modern academics try to dress it up, socialism at its core is just another primitive dark-ages ideology. One central authority – a King, emperor or pharaoh – takes the property and capital from everyone and then divvys it back out however he sees fit. The Catholic Church was basically in competition with Kings and states for the ultimate authority here. And the history of Europe for a good 2000 years was simply the story of the struggle between church and state.

After the Enlightenment, we started to have an actual separation of church and state. And this opened the door for all these other things like the eradication of slavery in the West, and free markets where even an average Joe can own property and carve his own destiny. But then the power of the state began to grow and grow, until here we are today, on the verge of a global government system fully blessed and sanctified by Pope Francis.

That’s why he’s telling us the state should be in charge of redistributing wealth. And again, no conspiracy here – that’s what Pope Francis literally said. I think if you’re one who follows the LHP – the way of he who “questions all things”, you have to question globalization and wealth redistribution, especially if it’s being fully embraced and encouraged by the global leader of the Christian world.

Now, even if you said to me “I know we need to have regulation of free markets, capitalism and freedom are just too dangerous” I would still implore you not to accept and not to internalize this utterance from the world’s most powerful (and evil) white magician, the chief witchdoctor of mechanical obedience and subservience. Why shouldn’t you endorse him? Because of the danger of producing an internal contradiction.

Now this is an initiatory idea that’s been presented by many great Magi. Aleister Crowley talked in Magic in Theory and Practice talked about how in order to represent the Godhead, you must take on all qualities of the principle, and excise from your presence everything that contradicts it.

The Book of Coming Forth by Night talks about order in and of the self, distinct from the Cosmic order or the confused and fitful presence of HarWer. Gurdjieff, talks about this in terms of False Personalities, and that one’s personalities can come in conflict with each other.

You see, really strong ideas like these – like capitalism, freedom, and slavery – when internalized can literally create new personalities within the self. If you have one personality that thinks Freedom is absolute, and then another personality that thinks freedom should be limited or regulated by a Central Authority, well these two I’s are going to be in conflict with each other. And when that happens we create buffers; buffers are like partitions between your personalities. Like cubicles in the office space of our psyche. Buffers help keep us from seeing these contradictions – because if we could see all our contradictions all at once, we’d probably have a total breakdown. Certainly we couldn’t keep on going the way we are and we’d have to change something. A lot of initiation actually comes down to this – trying to see the self as it is, with all its contradictions. And in that moment of seeing, something higher within us might for a moment awaken.

In Medieval Times it was the Catholic Priesthood telling people they were needed to protect them from some nebulous evil – the evil of the freedom to do what you want with your body, property and destiny. Then the Enlightenment came and we managed to shake them off for a while. But then the White Witchdoctors returned in the form of Socialists, Progressives, Politicians and Bureaucrats, here to protect you from the evil of Capitalism – the evil of the freedom to do what you want with your body, property, and destiny.

I say we don’t get fooled again.

An Introduction to Psychosynthesis: the Consciousness Egg

Here’s some great thoughts on Assagioli and the Consciousness Egg.

Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

Many years ago I went through a kind of breakdown and renewal of my consciousness that triggered an awakening. At the time I believed I was going mad, but then I discovered psychosynthesis and it helped me to realise that I was actually waking up.

My first glimpse of the Higher Self pulled me back from the brink of suicide and saved my life. I didn’t understand what had happened, but then I came across this book and it all became clear. It gave me a language I could use to understand what I was going through and how I could help myself to grow into a more whole person. The book was the beginning of my journey into learning more about how our consciousness works.

The famous Egg Diagram is used to illustrate the multidimensional nature of the human mind and how the various parts of your consciousness relate…

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Substantial First – Then Supersubstantial

To earn Substantial Bread you must serve others, to earn Supersubstantial Bread you must serve the Daimon. Both are necessary, but you need Substantial nourishment first. This builds the basis from which you can aspire to Supersubstantial nourishment.

It is a great irony, that in a free market the best way to help yourself it to create something that is valuable to others; so valuable that they are willing to exchange value with you for your creation. It is very simple and it is something that everyone does everyday, maybe even hundreds of times. Someone created something so valuable you are willing to voluntarily exchange your own representative value i.e. capital, for it. Their hamburger is worth more than your $5 so you exchange, their pair of shoes is worth more than your $40 so you exchange, your labor on this or that is worth more that $15/hour to an employer, so you exchange; and the list goes on and on. Millions of exchanges of value every day that makes everyones life a little better, a little more substantial.

This is the free market; this is Capitalism; and the reason I say it is an irony is because popular opinion holds that Capitalism is the greatest epitome of selfishness. Yet just the opposite is true, for mankind is best served in pursuit of individual rational self-interest.

Go forth and seek nourishment so that you might become Supersubstantial.