Daimonosophy – Farewell 3rd Edition.

The time has come to be thankful for what the year has brought us. The time has come to close a chapter in the evolution of this Daimonosophy experience.

The First Edition of Daimonosophy appeared circa 2006. Originally a simple series of essays covering the philosophy of the then fledgling Esoteric Order of Beelzebub.

A Second Edition expanded the work to be something that people outside of the EOB, and outside TOS, could relate to.

The Third Edition took it to the next level, being released by a third party publishing company. This whole idea started with interest from the old Runa Raven publishing house of Stephen Flowers, which was then being managed by his Waldo Thompson. This was an exciting moment indeed!

Then then came the Bastrop Texas wildfires of 2011 which would prove to be prelude to a much bigger disaster – the break-up of Runa Raven. Waldo lived in those hills outside of Austin along with the Flowers’ and others in a small rural community. Flowers and Thompson parted ways here, Thompson moving back to Portland and bringing a handful of titles with him to launch a new publishing house – Sirius Ink. Daimonosophy was among these.

At the time this seemed like a good solution for Daimonosophy – Thompson seemed to have a spirited promotional approach. At least he seemed to understand the importance of promotion in such works. I was then unaware of the depth of Thompson’s deceptiveness, or how badly he had betrayed others. I was to learn.

For a couple of years I received regular checks from Sirius Ink, did some interviews and promotions shots, and things seemed to be going fine. Then in 2017 Thompson quite unexpectedly passed away. There were no provisions for what I was to do about this situation – no other representatives of Sirius Ink that I was aware of and I could only assume that Mrs Thompson was collecting money for my works in perpetuity.

Since the time of Thompson’s death, I have not received a dime for any copies of Daimonosophy sold. Yes I know it has been selling as I have seen all of your on-line pics and comments about the book. This actually made me happy and gave me confidence to continue fighting for the title. I never complained or made a stink about it since in the end it’s not about making a ‘killing’ off the book but rather just keeping the Dark Fire burning and getting reasonable compensation for time and effort spent. There is no free lunch, as they say.

Long story short, I spent the last year virtually waving my copyright in the air banging on doors, making cold-calls and generally fighting for ownership of my work. All of this without loosing one dime to Lawyers or Legal Fees. Finally, Daimonosophy is back in my hands.

After those two copies at Amazon are gone, that should be it for the 3rd Edition. Other than used or shelf-copies, that should be it. No further stock reorders will be filled.

What about a 4th Edition? I can say that chances for that are good, but caution will be my guide and I’ll be looking at self-publishing options with a renewed respect. It was a hard lesson to learn, but glad I made it for the class.