Supersubstantial Value and Valuation

Many years ago I helped my friend Serquet sort through some ideas concerning his forthcoming utterance of Synesis. After looking at all the pieces – the possibilities of psychic phenomena, coincidence, the metamind and so forth – final question was this: What is the value of it?

From this Serquet went his own direction, but for me the question touched on a deep mystery, a sense of Runa.

What is value? How do we determine some things as being more valuable than others?

We turn for a moment to the field of economics where we learn about the subjective theory of value. This is the idea that the value of a good is not determined by any inherent property, nor by the amount of labor necessary to produce the good, but instead value is determined by the importance an acting individual places on a good for the achievement of his desired ends. Such a valuation is influenced by numerous individual and situational factors like time, utility, psychology and any number of other factors. If one recognizes the existence of a subjective universe as Setians do, then one if force to admit that valuation is inherently subjective.

Subjective Value Theory explain how two people can come together – exchange capital, goods or services – and both walk away satisfied that they got a good deal. If there were no subjective aspect of value, then every exchange or transaction would result in a clear winner and loser. This is a central idea in Marxism, where every exchange is a form of exploitation. But experience doesn’t bear this out since exchanges in which both parties voluntarily engage and both parties walk away satisfied happen all the time. For instance: the new iPhone costs $300. The only way I or anyone else will buy the new iPhone is if I valuate it as being worth more than $300.  Apple for their part obviously consider $300 to be worth more than an iPhone – including the cost of all it’s component parts, labor that produced it, etc. Therefore their willingness to trade us one in exchange for $300. This is one way in which Marxism and it’s axiomatic Labor Theory of Value is fundamentally not Left-Hand Path, as it does not recognize the ability of the Subjective mind to make such valuations accurately or independently.

But in fact, this is something the subjective mind does and does quite frequently and efficiently. The human mind makes valuations and judgements 100s, maybe thousands of times a day; on everything from whether or not to buy the new iPhone to what’s the best deal for lunch, what’s the best moment to begin crossing the street, who’s the best stranger to ask directions from, what’s the best tie to wear, and so on. It is the ability of the subjective mind to make value judgments that give the individual the ability to pursue happiness, achieve a better lifestyle, to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and so on.

The same principle applies to all manner of personal exchange, but is especially relevant to initiatory endeavors. We seek to maximize the value of exchange and impressions. Two initiates can have an exchange of energy or ideas and both walk away feeling they have gained something of value. It is this fundamental desire of the Subjective Universe to identify and connect with value which fuels the initiatory drive to achieve something better, become something greater, and connect with something higher; to Remanifest Supersubstantial.

In one sense Epiousios represents the gold of initiatory impressions. We seek the highest and if what we have found is of some insubstantial or transient quality, it won’t be long before we’re out there seeking again. This is one reason Runa can be represented with the Graal search – the Graal typically symbolized by an object of great value and workmanship. As well the search for gold, for hidden treasures and so forth represent the idea of seeking value

Another way of considering this in the drive to produce value. In life people often get mistakenly and misguidedly wrapped up in the drive to acquire value. In the initiatory mindset we awaken to the truth that it is producing value that is the more virtuous and more worthy pursuit. The lead into gold myth of the alchemists then becomes an internal subject of work – it is the soul that we seek to transform into gold. We wish to produce value and realize that our soul is our greatest production.

Epiousios, the Supersubstantial, cuts right to the heart of this question. We seek that which is of greatest initiatory value so that we might Remanifest the greatest value within ourselves.




Daimonosophy – Farewell 3rd Edition.

The time has come to be thankful for what the year has brought us. The time has come to close a chapter in the evolution of this Daimonosophy experience.

The First Edition of Daimonosophy appeared circa 2006. Originally a simple series of essays covering the philosophy of the then fledgling Esoteric Order of Beelzebub.

A Second Edition expanded the work to be something that people outside of the EOB, and outside TOS, could relate to.

The Third Edition took it to the next level, being released by a third party publishing company. This whole idea started with interest from the old Runa Raven publishing house of Stephen Flowers, which was then being managed by his Waldo Thompson. This was an exciting moment indeed!

Then then came the Bastrop Texas wildfires of 2011 which would prove to be prelude to a much bigger disaster – the break-up of Runa Raven. Waldo lived in those hills outside of Austin along with the Flowers’ and others in a small rural community. Flowers and Thompson parted ways here, Thompson moving back to Portland and bringing a handful of titles with him to launch a new publishing house – Sirius Ink. Daimonosophy was among these.

At the time this seemed like a good solution for Daimonosophy – Thompson seemed to have a spirited promotional approach. At least he seemed to understand the importance of promotion in such works. I was then unaware of the depth of Thompson’s deceptiveness, or how badly he had betrayed others. I was to learn.

For a couple of years I received regular checks from Sirius Ink, did some interviews and promotions shots, and things seemed to be going fine. Then in 2017 Thompson quite unexpectedly passed away. There were no provisions for what I was to do about this situation – no other representatives of Sirius Ink that I was aware of and I could only assume that Mrs Thompson was collecting money for my works in perpetuity.

Since the time of Thompson’s death, I have not received a dime for any copies of Daimonosophy sold. Yes I know it has been selling as I have seen all of your on-line pics and comments about the book. This actually made me happy and gave me confidence to continue fighting for the title. I never complained or made a stink about it since in the end it’s not about making a ‘killing’ off the book but rather just keeping the Dark Fire burning and getting reasonable compensation for time and effort spent. There is no free lunch, as they say.

Long story short, I spent the last year virtually waving my copyright in the air banging on doors, making cold-calls and generally fighting for ownership of my work. All of this without loosing one dime to Lawyers or Legal Fees. Finally, Daimonosophy is back in my hands.

After those two copies at Amazon are gone, that should be it for the 3rd Edition. Other than used or shelf-copies, that should be it. No further stock reorders will be filled.

What about a 4th Edition? I can say that chances for that are good, but caution will be my guide and I’ll be looking at self-publishing options with a renewed respect. It was a hard lesson to learn, but glad I made it for the class.

Lords of Chaos the Movie

They finally put out this movie, based on the book of the same name and I saw it last night. It sent me on quite an ECI (Erotic Crystallization Inertia) adventure as I all these events reflect back to intense moments of my life.

In 1995 I was touring with my Goth Band Morphine Angel in Australia. This was our first time out touring with our new Guitarist Carl Gibson, who was himself a Metal fan and Black Metal in particular. In fact as I look back on it all now I think most of my first knowledge and impressions of Black Metal came from Carl. Carl’s weird obsessive interests in Black Metal, UFOs, and hypnotism were things that kept us entertained and ‘riffing’ while on the road and stories about church burnings in Norway was certainly a piece of it.

Now the Morphine Angel in the land of Oz is a whole story in itself, but I’m going to focus on just one gig, that was the last show of the tour which took place in the North Eastern corner of Australia, Brisbane. We were on the bill with another out of the country touring act called Immortal. I remember Carl our Black Metal expert was super excited about it but for me they were another of the many bands you meet on the road on the grind and busting ass to get by. They were great dudes, very friendly, supportive of our show (which was fairly a kind of goth/industrial metal thing) and we rocked out hard to them. Years later circa 2001 Carl reminded me of this show and that it was the band Immortal who had by that time gotten pretty big with the swell of Black Metal notoriety from the publication of the book Lords of Chaos. I had to look them up again and yes they looked pretty much like you see them on the cover of Pure Holocaust which must have been the album they were touring for at the time.

The other interesting thing that happened this very same night was I met Aaron Cheak – a young university student who I had corresponded with previously based on our common interest in Setian ideas. We had a day off after the show to just hang around in Brisbane and I used this time to hang out with Aaron and talk Black Magic, NLP and Fourth Way stuff. At the time this really felt like an aside but the irony here is that of all the other people that were there at the time including every single member of my band, Aaron is the only person I still really know, in fact he became a well known academic authority on Alchemy and you can here is interview with my on D2 here.

The Pope vs. Capitalism

The White Witch-Doctor of Collectivism

Pope Francis is a total Socialist. This keeps coming up in the sick Shibboleth of internet media. I know it’s stupid but it bothers me so much finally I wrote something. 

This came during a brief speech before world leaders at the U.N. “Agencies, Funds and Programmes” group May 2014 where Francis called for “equitable development” by the aforementioned means. His full comments go like this:

I do not hesitate to state . . . that equitable economic and social progress can only be attained by joining scientific and technical abilities with an unfailing commitment to solidarity accompanied by a generous and disinterested spirit of gratuitousness at every level. A contribution to this equitable development will also be made both by international activity aimed at the integral human development of all the world’s peoples and by the legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the State, as well as indispensable cooperation between the private sector and civil society.

This fact alone –  that it’s coming from the Pope – that alone should make you doubt and questions it. Let me first state the obvious: This guy isn’t going hunger and lives in an elite community inside high walls sitting on a mountain of ‘acquired’ wealth.

So, the Pope vs Capitalism. You might just as well say, the Pope vs. Freedom, the Pope vs. Liberty. Because that’s what Capitalism means – freedom in the realms of markets and individual exchanges of value. 

You see, basically All the practices from the Catholic Church come from the Dark ages – age where there was no concept of liberty, and freedom was only a dream for the afterlife –  and for the most part their practices are only slightly modified, if modified at all, for modern people. And though modern academics try to dress it up, socialism at its core is just another primitive dark-ages ideology. One central authority – a King, emperor or pharaoh – takes the property and capital from everyone and then divvys it back out however he sees fit. The Catholic Church was basically in competition with Kings and states for the ultimate authority here. And the history of Europe for a good 2000 years was simply the story of the struggle between church and state.

After the Enlightenment, we started to have an actual separation of church and state. And this opened the door for all these other things like the eradication of slavery in the West, and free markets where even an average Joe can own property and carve his own destiny. But then the power of the state began to grow and grow, until here we are today, on the verge of a global government system fully blessed and sanctified by Pope Francis.

That’s why he’s telling us the state should be in charge of redistributing wealth. And again, no conspiracy here – that’s what Pope Francis literally said. I think if you’re one who follows the LHP – the way of he who “questions all things”, you have to question globalization and wealth redistribution, especially if it’s being fully embraced and encouraged by the global leader of the Christian world.

Now, even if you said to me “I know we need to have regulation of free markets, capitalism and freedom are just too dangerous” I would still implore you not to accept and not to internalize this utterance from the world’s most powerful (and evil) white magician, the chief witchdoctor of mechanical obedience and subservience. Why shouldn’t you endorse him? Because of the danger of producing an internal contradiction.

Now this is an initiatory idea that’s been presented by many great Magi. Aleister Crowley talked in Magic in Theory and Practice talked about how in order to represent the Godhead, you must take on all qualities of the principle, and excise from your presence everything that contradicts it.

The Book of Coming Forth by Night talks about order in and of the self, distinct from the Cosmic order or the confused and fitful presence of HarWer. Gurdjieff, talks about this in terms of False Personalities, and that one’s personalities can come in conflict with each other.

You see, really strong ideas like these – like capitalism, freedom, and slavery – when internalized can literally create new personalities within the self. If you have one personality that thinks Freedom is absolute, and then another personality that thinks freedom should be limited or regulated by a Central Authority, well these two I’s are going to be in conflict with each other. And when that happens we create buffers; buffers are like partitions between your personalities. Like cubicles in the office space of our psyche. Buffers help keep us from seeing these contradictions – because if we could see all our contradictions all at once, we’d probably have a total breakdown. Certainly we couldn’t keep on going the way we are and we’d have to change something. A lot of initiation actually comes down to this – trying to see the self as it is, with all its contradictions. And in that moment of seeing, something higher within us might for a moment awaken.

In Medieval Times it was the Catholic Priesthood telling people they were needed to protect them from some nebulous evil – the evil of the freedom to do what you want with your body, property and destiny. Then the Enlightenment came and we managed to shake them off for a while. But then the White Witchdoctors returned in the form of Socialists, Progressives, Politicians and Bureaucrats, here to protect you from the evil of Capitalism – the evil of the freedom to do what you want with your body, property, and destiny.

I say we don’t get fooled again.

An Introduction to Psychosynthesis: the Consciousness Egg

Here’s some great thoughts on Assagioli and the Consciousness Egg.

Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

Many years ago I went through a kind of breakdown and renewal of my consciousness that triggered an awakening. At the time I believed I was going mad, but then I discovered psychosynthesis and it helped me to realise that I was actually waking up.

My first glimpse of the Higher Self pulled me back from the brink of suicide and saved my life. I didn’t understand what had happened, but then I came across this book and it all became clear. It gave me a language I could use to understand what I was going through and how I could help myself to grow into a more whole person. The book was the beginning of my journey into learning more about how our consciousness works.

The famous Egg Diagram is used to illustrate the multidimensional nature of the human mind and how the various parts of your consciousness relate…

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Substantial First – Then Supersubstantial

To earn Substantial Bread you must serve others, to earn Supersubstantial Bread you must serve the Daimon. Both are necessary, but you need Substantial nourishment first. This builds the basis from which you can aspire to Supersubstantial nourishment.

It is a great irony, that in a free market the best way to help yourself it to create something that is valuable to others; so valuable that they are willing to exchange value with you for your creation. It is very simple and it is something that everyone does everyday, maybe even hundreds of times. Someone created something so valuable you are willing to voluntarily exchange your own representative value i.e. capital, for it. Their hamburger is worth more than your $5 so you exchange, their pair of shoes is worth more than your $40 so you exchange, your labor on this or that is worth more that $15/hour to an employer, so you exchange; and the list goes on and on. Millions of exchanges of value every day that makes everyones life a little better, a little more substantial.

This is the free market; this is Capitalism; and the reason I say it is an irony is because popular opinion holds that Capitalism is the greatest epitome of selfishness. Yet just the opposite is true, for mankind is best served in pursuit of individual rational self-interest.

Go forth and seek nourishment so that you might become Supersubstantial.

7 Reasons Why The Diabolicon is Important to the Left-Hand Path

dore lucifer

Gustav Dore – Paradise Lost

The Diabolicon is a most unique document in the history of the Left-Hand Path. It is in one sense a simplified retelling of the divine insurgency, the Daimonic rebellion in Heaven and the Luciferian Exodus from it. Recently it has taken the place of Ragnar Redbeards ‘Infernal Diatribe’ in Michael Aquino’s revision of the Satanic Bible.

When I first read this section of the Aquino SB it filled me with a sense of divine justice. I remembered back to the days when I first discovered the Satanic Bible. I was 13 years old; it was 1983; I was an isolated and anti-social youth, and when I found that book those were some of the first words that began to kindle a new fire of hope within me. When I read the Infernal Diatribe, not only was I inspired with the strength to fight against the collectivism and defeatism in my daily life, but as well my sense of wonder was stirred by the suggestion that these words in the Book of Satan were actually the words of Satan himself.

Flash forward 15 years and it came out that the entirety of the Book of Satan was plagiarized from someone named Ragnar Readbeard. Not only were they not the words of Satan, but they were not even the words of Anton LaVey.  How do you deal with that? Someone you considered a great spiritual teacher turns out to be a plagiarist? It was weird watching how others deal with it – many proponents seemed to kind of half-acknowledge it, like you could ‘kind-of’ plagiarize something, or maybe plagiarism is ok if you’re a High Priest of Satan who doesn’t believe it Satan. Well it’s not my mission to work out all that, I’ll just say it offers one helluvan opportunity for exercising your Double-Think muscles.

Suffice to say, when I saw Aquino’s Diabolicon replacing the Infernal Diatribe I had an immediate sense of cosmic justice. Here is a document that will allow you to at least entertain the possibility of divine inspiration; but it you can’t swallow that you can at least feel confident that the author – even if he be mortal man – sincerely believes in what he is writing about and it taking the time and effort to actually write it all himself.

Beyond all that, looking at the document itself, there are several things the Diabolicon outlines and integrates, all which are key elements to success and happiness on the Left Hand Path. Here are seven of them.

1. The Diabolicon establishes a Morality of Individualism  

The events of the story center around the ideal that the individual is sovereign and that rational self interest and  personal responsibility are some of the highest virtues. The Daimons of the Diabolicon are put in situations where the they must make decisions about what to do with the Black Flame in relation to Man, and it is this moral stance – a morality of personal sovereignty and self-empowerment – which guides them in making decisions.

For instance after seeing how the Forces of Masleh (Forces of Mechanicalism/The Lie) attempt to pervert the Gift of Sapience to Man, the are tempted to intervene themselves:

Many there were among us who felt anger at this ruthless mutilation of our Gift, and Beelzebub brought to question whether we also should not descend among man an contest this usurpation of his Will. But I said, Were we to lead man in this venture, we ourselves would declare his failure, and he would believe our Gift to be weak indeed. Messiah must see that free Will is beyond the concern of God, and that man will finally win his own destiny apart from all dictated schemes.

– Satan ArchDaimon

In the end they realize that interfering with the Free Will of another being is the most immoral act imaginable. This corresponds with the Mazdan idea about the fundamentally voluntary nature of conscious existence and that the fundamental nature of evil is coercion.

2. The Diabolicon has a Clear Metaphysics

The metaphysics of the Diabolicon clearly indicates that human self-consciousness levels are the result of a metaphysical intervention from higher forces in the interest of conscious evolution. The source is external; it is substantial, and the resulting metaphysical state of humanity as fundamentally sovereign beings gives form to and directs the evolution of the morality. In other words, if we were created as free individuals, then acting in favor of the freedom and individuality is ever the way of virtue.

At the same time, the metaphysics of the Diabolicon are largely Aristotelian. Newton and Galileo are mentioned, as well as the idea that the design of Man – a microcosm – gives clues to the structure of the cosmos – a macrocosm.

To Democritus I spoke, and I saw the radiations of energy freed from matter both build and break man’s world. And man neglected not his own design, for in minute life he found clue to his own, and scarce hints of the original creation. And Asmodeus led mathematicians and astronomers to the wonders of the firmament, and I walked within the thought of scholars on quiet evenings. And that man not attempt mastery of his environment before himself, I spoke of government to Khem and Hellas, to the dynasties of Ch’in and Ashanti and Tenochtitlan, and within great capitals and mean villages alike I spoke of the brotherhood of all man, and of his correlation to the forces of Earth and those of the Universe beyond Earth.


3. The Diabolicon Suggests a Social System based on Free Will. 

Totally in line with Magus Crowley’s teachings on Thelema, Man is a creature of Free Will. It is part of his design and purpose. To discover and actualize his own Free Will is part of his reason for being and part of his destiny.

What, man, art thou? Why thy presence? Because thy own purpose determines that of the Cosmos itself, though otherwise it may have been suggested the creation, perpetuation, and exercise of the Satanic marvel that is free and unbounded Will.

– Satan ArchDaimon

It all comes down to purpose, and that purpose is the exercise of purpose which is complete freedom of will.

Later it is all laid and logistically verified as they find their new home – Pandemonium.

Here shall freedom be absolute, for Hell Itself shall reflect our several Wills, never to be patterned apart from them. And in truth Hell was not constant, for each of us conceived it differently, and the result was a riotous pandemonium, with substance and motion behaving in a most bewildering and perplexing manner.

– Beelzebub

“Here shall freedom be absolute” = “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Doubters and nay- sayers always respond to this with the charge that it is impractical, but in establishing Pandemonium the Daimons sweep such doubt away. Not only is it practical but it is natural, beautiful and in truth we were designed to live this way.

4. The Diabolicon posits the existence of a force.

Throughout the text this force is referred to as the Black Flame. It also describes the components of the Black Flame as substance, energy and purposefulness. – This equates to the S.E.T. formula I discuss in the book Daimonosophy, and also illustrated in my fictional work The Erbeth Transmissions. Dr Aquino also further illustrates the concept of a substantial Black Flame in his Star Wars re-imagining “Star Fire” – in which It is revealed that the word Sith is a reference to the Black Flame – and ancient substance which has an energizing and transformative effect on self-consciousness, and is ultimately Supersubstantial.

I am Belial, who bring to thee the third great key of Hell, by whose power ye shall confound all the laws of Heaven and Earth. Before thee shall chaos fall, and thou shalt wield for thyself the great mysteries of the macrocosmos. I speak to thee of that which is called the Black magic, for it is true spawn of that great Black Flame which first brought thy Will to life long ages ago.

To council with Satan I also was called, and the Lord of Light said to me, Into thy charge, Daemon of essence, I give the essence of my own being, the Black Fire whose power alone can effect creation by force of Will. Against thee who wield the Black magic no law shall stand, and thus I call thee Belial, who art One Without Master. And as I have bequeathed this essence to thee, so let it come finally to man, who shall overcome the great balance and bring to the Flame a change, for in supremacy it shall become Red with the perfection of the Will of man.

You can further equate it with other esoteric energies like Vril, Chi, Prana or Orgone, but in the end the scientific validity isn’t as important as the benefits of simply adopting the Aristotelian mode of interpreting phenomena. Note that his is distinct from the Platonic mode where it is presumed a certain class of phenomena take place in an intangible non-material realm of ideas. The Aristotelian mode of the Diabolicon presumes all phenomena to be occuring in a real and substantial world accessible to all conscious beings.

5. The Diabolicon addresses the nature of immortality

The Satanic view of immortality espoused in LaVey’s Satanic Bible is very much in line with the Ragnar Redbeard proclamation that your immortal spirit will live on in the brains and sinews of those whose respect you have gained.

As hungrily as I devoured the SB when I was younger, I was always kind of dissatisfied with this idea that my own life beyond Earth was contingent on people on Earth continuing to think or talk about me. You see this in the idea espoused by ex Satanic Temple Priest and founder Brian Warner, who once said you die twice – once when you die, and then again when the last person who remembers you on Earth dies. They illustrated this same concept in the movie Coco which uses Mexican Day of the Dead characters to demonstrate a similar concept.

The good thing about this sort of practice is it indicates you can’t really work on a next life without working on this life. You have to be decent and moral and die an honorable death so people will want to talk about you after you’re gone.

But then, if all your existence beyond is based on what other people think, it means you don’t REALLY have any control over it. If you’re a musician, actor or performer imagine if you’re actual life was dependent on good reviews – and you’ll quickly see how untenable and and not very reassuring this perspective on Life After Death really is.

Not so in the Diabolicon. There is a pattern suggested: improvement of the self in this life helps one to create the necessary perspective/desire needed to continue beyond existence in the Universe ‘that is.’ And it has something to do with Leviathan.

Leviathan is the absolute, man, and if thou would presume to realize what neither Heaven nor Hell may effect, know that when thou behold the presence of Leviathan, thy end hath been attained.

Only through obliteration of the Universe that is may may seal his mastery of the Black Flame, for only thus may he know that he is not subject to a greater Will. Heaven must perish, Hell must perish, and man alone must remain ere the Black Flame becomes Red in the glory of its perfection.

Then the Red magus shall behold only Leviathan, and he shall recognize that he has become the perfect mind, who shall remake the Cosmos in the eternal glory of his Satanic Will.


6. The Diabolicon resolves the the Miltonian Paradox–  This is the old idea that Satan conquering would become God, and God dethroned would become Satan. This illustrates the problem you see with many ‘Theistic Satanists” who talk about ‘praying’ to Satan, refer to Satan as ‘The Father” etc. Folks like this simply haven’t thought through and resolved the Miltonian Paradox. They’ve simply decided that the God of the Christians does not represent them so they are replacing him with a better, cooler – maybe even more gothic – god that does represent them.

The problem here should be obvious – if you’re going to act in a grovelling subservient way to a Father God, then what’s it matter if your god is gothic or not? Your still wishing the same thing, you’re wishing for cosmic inclusion and someone to take care of everything for you. Your submitting to the collective and following the Right-Hand Path. It takes more than a change of wardrobe to get you off the Right-Hand Path.

This principle should be obvious – you can see it in the political cycle. Everyone thinks their new presidential candidate is going to shake things up when they get in to office, but then they get there and regardless of party affiliation the result is always the same, the status quo continues on and the size of government continues to increase.

The Diabolicon resolved this paradox when Lucifer makes it clear to everyone that he is not God and has no intention of taking over that throne.

Through the gates of Hell we passed, and many of us had supposed Hell to be a new Heaven, wherein Lucifer would become as God. But this was not to be, for the scene before us promised neither ease nor bliss. Everywhere was there imbalance and confusion, for no law ordered the shape of Hell. And Lucifer said, Lo see that I am not God, and that we are each of us an isolate being. Here shall freedom be absolute, for Hell Itself shall reflect our several Wills, never to be patterned apart from them.


How many leaders or revolutionaries have the degree of conviction that having got to the throne, they say “no thanks,” let’s all just get on with our business. In the Lord of the Rings this is the equivalent of saying, “Not thanks, I don’t want the ring.” Too bad, you can’t throw the presidency into the fires of Mordor.

But according to the Daibolicon, that’s just what Lucifer did. He gave us the proclivity for freedom, fought for our right to keep it, and then didn’t get in the way of us continuing on with it.

7. It establishes the finality of the gift – that once given the gift of self-awareness can never be recalled.

 Satan himself is not God, and Hell can offer no salvation to those who abuse the Gift of Satan. For the Gift itself is beyond the control of Hell once given, being subject to the Will of the Black magus alone


This is illustrated quite commonly in the Old Testament story of Adam and Eve. First there is the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil  – this is only another dumbed down metaphor for the Black Flame – the gift of self awareness. Becoming self aware means becoming like a god. And it’s put there by the serpent who clearly represents the Prince of Darkness in the Old Testament context.

The new awareness Adam and Eve get from eating the fruit makes them ‘aware’ of their nakedness, and the end result of it all is they realize they can’t go back – they have to leave Eden FOREVER!!!

In more recent times the same idea is represented in the popular film The Matrix with the Red Pill vs the Blue Pill, and once you take that Red Pill you are awakened to a reality you can never get back from.

The Red Pill is a great modern meme for illustrating this concept but for those of us who’ve been studying the Diabolicon for a while now, it’s just another way of describing and ancient truth – that the Gift once given is beyond the control of Hell, and you can never go back.