Lords of Chaos the Movie

They finally put out this movie, based on the book of the same name and I saw it last night. It sent me on quite an ECI (Erotic Crystallization Inertia) adventure as I all these events reflect back to intense moments of my life.

In 1995 I was touring with my Goth Band Morphine Angel in Australia. This was our first time out touring with our new Guitarist Carl Gibson, who was himself a Metal fan and Black Metal in particular. In fact as I look back on it all now I think most of my first knowledge and impressions of Black Metal came from Carl. Carl’s weird obsessive interests in Black Metal, UFOs, and hypnotism were things that kept us entertained and ‘riffing’ while on the road and stories about church burnings in Norway was certainly a piece of it.

Now the Morphine Angel in the land of Oz is a whole story in itself, but I’m going to focus on just one gig, that was the last show of the tour which took place in the North Eastern corner of Australia, Brisbane. We were on the bill with another out of the country touring act called Immortal. I remember Carl our Black Metal expert was super excited about it but for me they were another of the many bands you meet on the road on the grind and busting ass to get by. They were great dudes, very friendly, supportive of our show (which was fairly a kind of goth/industrial metal thing) and we rocked out hard to them. Years later circa 2001 Carl reminded me of this show and that it was the band Immortal who had by that time gotten pretty big with the swell of Black Metal notoriety from the publication of the book Lords of Chaos. I had to look them up again and yes they looked pretty much like you see them on the cover of Pure Holocaust which must have been the album they were touring for at the time.

The other interesting thing that happened this very same night was I met Aaron Cheak – a young university student who I had corresponded with previously based on our common interest in Setian ideas. We had a day off after the show to just hang around in Brisbane and I used this time to hang out with Aaron and talk Black Magic, NLP and Fourth Way stuff. At the time this really felt like an aside but the irony here is that of all the other people that were there at the time including every single member of my band, Aaron is the only person I still really know, in fact he became a well known academic authority on Alchemy and you can here is interview with my on D2 here.