3 Reasons to Value the Second Beast

In case you hadn’t heard, Michael Aquino recently published a 50 Year Anniversary Revision of the Satanic Bible. As you might guess it’s causing quite a stir. You can check the book out here:


So then I did an interview with Dr. A on the D2 Podcast. Response to D2 Episode 23 – Michael Aquino and the Satanic Bible was glorious and intense. The positive response has been overwhelming but as to be expected there has been some negative response. Some people take this an attack on Magus LaVey, which I think is pretty far from the intent. You can check out the interview here:

Dr. A talked quite a lot about his intentions in the interview, so I won’t belabor them here, but I will point out there are 3 really good reasons not to take them as an attack on ASLV.

1. Dr. A shows a HUGE amount of Respect to ASLV




If you read through the Satanic Bible Revision, and you see the old photos of the LaVeys and the Black House, and read through some of the old correspondence, sometime it’s very emotional. You can tell that these people ‘hung out’ and had lots of good times together. Whatever happened in the days leading up to the schism in 1975, it is clear that Aquino held LaVey in very high regard, and is very respectful to what LaVey started.

This is further evidenced when in the Book of Coming Forth by Night  the Prince of Darkness states he will retain ASLV as  “Magus in my Order. Thus all may understand that he is dearly held by me…”

On top of that, Set later asks that the years of his Aeon be counted from the Year One of the Age of Satan (1966). This simple fact, that Setians and LaVeyan Satanists share the same calendar and same respect for what ASLV did on April 20 of 1966 highlights a shared value that is virtually unknown the the various latter-day Satanists and Luciferians.

All of this goes to show that Dr. A as a former direct student of ASLV and regardless of whatever hard feeling resulted from the later dispute and falling out, MA had and continues to hold a sincere respect and admiration for ASLV.

2. Dr. A is our only living connection with the early days of COS.


Aquino is the only person living today, who was around in the Church of Satan and can talk about it and write about it. Of course there may be others out there, but none of them are talking about or writing about it in a way that any current and serious students of the Left Hand Path might benefit from it. 

There’s no one else. 

And it’s not like he was no body – he was the editor of the cloven hoof, he hung out at the Black House, he wrote and introduction for the SB, he wrote portions of the Satanic Rituals. 

There is no one living today with that sort of perspective on LaVey who is willing or able to talk about it. If there are I’m sure none of them retained the original documentation – Cloven Hoof issues, personal letters and so forth. For that reason alone his works should be considered a national satanic treasure.

If there is any doubt about the authenticity of Dr. A’s experience or sincerity I recommend you check out one of his other books The Church of Satan http://a.co/d/iMMR0A5 in which he shares a huge amount of the original documentation and correspondence. It is from so many sources and so in depth it’s legitimacy is beyond doubt.


3. MA defended the Movement for all of us.


In the Eighties and Nineties there was this thing called the Satanic Panic. A lot of people were freaked out. Satanists were losing their kids in court battles, getting imprisoned on trumped up charges and unproved allegations. People like Damien Echols of the West Memphis Three were getting locked up. 

In the midst of all this McCarthy-eque horror, Aquino went on Oprah; he went on Geraldo; and he defended the Movement. He didn’t just defend the ToS and disparage CoS – he defended the movement and didn’t split any hairs. He specifically mentioned Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan and defended the organization and its ideas and never aired any dirty laundry when it would have been easy for him to do so.

Especially the Oprah Winfrey episode. Oprah gave the Aquino’s the whole first half of the show to present their ideas and it would have been so easy for him to throw COS under the bus there if he wanted to. He could have easily pointed the new inquisition in ASLV’s direction and played himself up as a harmless new-ager. But he didn’t. He didn’t betray the legitimate LHP movement or anyone in it. He stood by the Prince of Darkness and stood up for the Left-Hand Path Movement.

That makes it so much harder to watch the new generation of Satanists turn around and try to throw Dr. A under the bus after he took so much risk and put so much on the line to help clear the way for them.

It’s not a requirement for everyone on the LHP to agree with each other all the time, after all that’s not really the point of LHP. But it is important to acknowledge the contribution of the legitimate Founding Father’s of the LHP and understand how their works and sacrifices went into inaugurating a new worldview that opens the way for Individual to be Sovereign, and for Man to become God. The Satanic Panic might be over (and I’ve never been a big fan of the term “Burning Times,”) but anyone who truly believes in the sovereignty of the individual in a deep and spiritual way needs the wisdom and foresight not to attack allies and further obscure the path.

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