Sakaki – What’s in a Name?

I don’t know why but I seem to get some of the nastiest comments on my Blog. Often they have very little to do with the points I’m trying to make and offer nothing to the discussion so, in the interest of keeping my little corner of the internet clean I decline to approve them.

Recently one such comment referred to me with a term that I was unfamiliar with; they called me a “weeaboo.” I had to go to the Urban Dictionary on this one:


A person who retains an unhealthy obsession with Japan and Japanese culture, typically ignoring or even shunning their own racial and cultural identity. Many weeaboos talk in butchered Japanese with the 8 or so words they know (i.e. kawaii, desu, ni chan). While weeaboos claim to love and support Japanese culture, counter intuitively, they tend to stereotype Japanese culture by how it appears in their favorite anime, which can be safely assumed to be offensive to the Japanese.

Really? Me? I had to think about this. I even had to go back through my posts – did I say anything about Japanese culture? ever? I DID go through a big manga/anime phase circa 2003 but not much of that factors in heavily to my blogs here about Individuality, Setianism, Beelzebub, Gurdjieff, Capitalism and so forth.

Then I remembered – my pen name Sakaki is also a Japanese name and word for a kind of tree. Google “Sakaki” images and you’ll see nothing but anime. But you know what, Google Beelzebub and it’s the same thing – you’ll see maybe one or two goetic seals and fly images, and then a sh*t ton of anime images – apparently there is fairly popular anime character named Beelzebub. Do they have a word for when Japanese Manga/Anime writers ‘appropriate’ our Western Demon names and twist them into some kind of teeny-bopper romance comic book characters? Do you hear us complaining about that?

Of course not. And in fact I would never complain about such a thing. I thought Bible Black was a very creative repurposing of Western Theistic Satanism. In fact I think the whole concept of Cultural Appropriation is ludicrous notion and really just an attempt by Statists to enforce their own form of segregation. To be honest it makes my blood boil to see Satanic imagery being re-purposed for porn. In my Subjective Universe Satanic imagery represents the most courageous, deep and sincere form of spiritual inquiry, so yea it kind of hurts my eyes to see people perverting it toward pornographic or even ‘social justice’ ends; but I would never challenge their right to do so.

In fact I recently heard a Social-Justice-Statist-Satanist (there has to be a shorter word for these types but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about)  imply that the Setian religion is guilty of Cultural Appropriation, with a “I don’t know how modern Egyptians would feel about all that” referring to our ‘Westernized’ ideas about Set and the Neters. I’m pretty sure modern Egyptians don’t feel anything about Setians, and if they were at all aware of us would just consider us infidels or heretics like everyone else since Modern Egyptians are predominantly Muslim (90%) or Christian (10%). I’m sure Cultural Appropriation by Setians is the furthest thing from the modern Egyptian mind since no on there worships the old gods anymore. Set even mentions this in the Book of Coming Forth by Night:

In Khem I remain no longer, for I am forgotten there, and my house of PaMat-et is dust. I shall roam this world, and I shall come those who seek me.

And anyhow, Cultural Appropriation is just the latest weapon for Finger-Waggling and Good-Guy Badgery. The concept does no good for anyone and it actually inhibits and intimidates people and makes them hesitant to try new things – to eat new foods, wear new clothes, listen to new music, experiment with new hairstyles. Like Crowley said, the only word of sin is “Restriction” and these SJSS’s that go around Finger-Waggling people for listening to rap music or getting their hair dyed are the worst kind of enemies of Thelema and Free-Will.

In reality sharing and proliferation of culture is actually one of the more positive aspects of humanity as long as it is done freely. It is one of the things that helps humanity evolve as a whole, as we pick up new ideas, customs and memes that work better for achieving human goals, because along with culture comes critical things like language and technology. The Persian empire was big into this back in the day, when they encountered Greeks like Pythagoras talking crazy math they’d say “wow, that’s amazing, sit down and tell us more!” In this way super important ideas like a Principle of Consciousness, the Daimon, or Free Will got passed along and absorbed into different cultures. Cultures that developed a wall of intolerance against cultural exchange – like Islam – evolved in to a destructive force.

The key to all cultural exchange is it has to be freely done; when authority intervenes – like when when the British forbade the Irish from speaking their native language in Medieval times, or when Statists enforced Jim Crow laws in the American South to try and keep the races from ‘mixing’ – the results were disastrous. Statists are threatening to do the same now pushing legislation to control our language (politically correct newspeak only!) and restrict our cultural options. (no appropriation!).

All that being said, I settled on the pseudonym Sakaki not because of anything Japanese, but because of something Gurdjieff. Sakaki is a character from G’s Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson – the Arch Angel who was put in charge of correcting the cosmic perturbation caused by the second Moon Anoolios crashing into the Earth. This was all back in the ‘old days’ of course.

Of course, my boy, our Endlessness was at once informed of this general cosmic misfortune. And immediately, a full commission of angels and archangels, specialists in the work of world-creation and world-maintenance, under the direction of the Great Archangel Sakaki, was dispatched from the Most Holy Sun Absolute to the solar system Ors. “The Most High Commission came to our planet Mars, since it was the nearest to the planet Earth, and from there began its investigations.

– BTtHG p. 80

It’s hard to say where G got the name from. I doubt it’s from Japan, as you don’t really see any other Japanese references in Beelzebub’s Tales or any other of his works. Quite possibly it is a hybrid name of Grecko-Armenian-Persian make like so many of G’s other word innovations. Or possibly it is a character G learned of from the folk tales of the various tribal ‘Ashoks’ he would have come into contact with in his youth. It is hard to say but something of Sakaki’s role in the whole effort resonated with me.  He spent some time on Mars as well.

“And so, my boy, since a cosmic actualization of this kind was possible only with the sanction of His Endlessness, the Great Archangel Sakaki, accompanied by several other sacred members of that Most High Commission, set off immediately to beseech His Endlessness to give His consent. “Afterward, when these Sacred Individuals had obtained the sanction of His Endlessness, the ilnosoparnian process was actualized on the planet Earth, still under the direction of the Great Archangel Sakaki. And so from that time on, on that planet, as on many others, there began to arise everything corresponding to the ‘ilnosoparno,’ thanks to which the detached fragments exist until now without constituting a threat of catastrophe on a universal scale. “The larger of these two fragments was named ‘Loonderperzo’ and the smaller ‘Anulios’; and the ordinary three-brained beings who arose and were formed on the Earth knew them by these names. But the beings of later times gave them different names at different periods, and more recently the larger fragment has come to be called ‘Moon,’ but the name of the smaller one was gradually forgotten. As for the beings there now, not only have they no name at all for this smaller fragment, but they do not even suspect its existence.

– BTtHG p. 82

The Inosoparnian Process has to do with an electromagnetic technology that utilized the energy generated by the life force of humans on Earth to manipulate the orbit of objects in outer space, specifically the Moon – the one we’re all aware of; and also a smaller moon – one which we have lost knowledge of.

But this is the answer to why human life was initially established on Planet Earth – the needed electromagnetic Energy helped right the wrong in the Solar System so the planets and moons would stop crashing into each other and stabilize.

But this led to a second problem. This ordering of life – Three-Brained – always evolved naturally toward self-awareness or as G likes to call it ‘Objective Consciousness.’ Or as we Setian’s might say, “They can Xeper.” So eventually they would learn their purpose on Earth is only to maintain the Moon, and if they learned that they might get so depressed they would kill themselves.

“The sacred members of the Most High Commission then reasoned that if this mechanical instinct in the biped three-brained beings of that planet were to develop toward the attainment of Objective Reason, as usually occurs everywhere among three-brained beings, it might possibly happen that they would prematurely comprehend the reason for their presence on that planet and would then make a good deal of trouble; it might happen that once they understood the reason for their arising, namely, that by their existence they should maintain the detached fragments of their planet, and became convinced of their slavery to circumstances utterly foreign to them, they would refuse to continue this existence of theirs and on principle destroy themselves.

– BTtHG p. 86

Another way of looking at this is the idea of slaves becoming aware of their slavery. Consider how ‘Master’ cultures try to discourage education or self knowledge amongst their subordinate classes. There are many things Central Authority doesn’t want us looking in to and the list of forbidden subjects seems to increase every day.

Sakaki, like Loosios (Lucifer) and even Beelzebub himself is not always clearly a ‘good guy’ in all that transpires in the Tales of Beelzebub. Sakaki and Loosios are both closely involved in the establishment of Kundabuffer, which is actually a lot like the ‘caps’ that are put on people in the sci-fi novel The White Mountains. Kundabuffer is what caused people to see reality incorrectly, or ‘upside down.’ In Setian mythology it corresponds with Apep, the serpent of delusion. Set slays Apep daily so that the Sun many continue to rise, or you might say Set dispels Kundabuffer so that you my see reality clearly and see yourself as you truly are rather than as you imagine yourself to be.

All of it leads back to the idea that humans evolving toward consciousness (Xeper) is actually a natural process that has been inhibited by external intervention.

But wait… don’t we look at the presence of the Gift of Set, of accelerated human self-consciousness, as also the result of some sort of intervention?

This connects with why in The Erbeth Transmissions I suggested the possibility of two interventions: First, a pre-10,000 BC event where the Gift of Set was instilled that corresponds with the arising of intelligent human beings, this was a good intervention with a benevolent motivation behind it ; Then there was a second intervention, around 10,000 BC, corresponding with the Deluge (Atlantis, Noah, the People of Horus) and the arising of Centralized Authority Structures and slave states. This was a bad intervention carried out by forces that had a motivation for enslaving, consuming or otherwise exploiting humanity.

There have been many mythological and anthropological patterns throughout history that support multiple interventions but in the modern area the idea of any kind of intervention has been very much disparaged and relegated to the realm of Conspiracy Theory. However we continue to sense these patterns on a subconscious or noetic level.

So this is one of the great reminders of Sakaki, that the work of seeing through those externally imposed blinders is crucial. It’s like taking the Red Pill and seeing that all these things you’ve been taught as reality were really just constructs – like the idea that certain groups of people have a right to impose authority over others. As you learn to see beyond the shadows new life gets breathed into your soul. Keep searching and stand in the question as long as you can.


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