My Palmer Eldritch Moment Became a Valis Moment…or…What Happens When you Put PKD and the Zuck in an Atomic Blender

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What happens is you go far out. I mean way far out, beyond the stratosphere and all rationality. But then what happens is you wake up, and remember what the important things are.

If you read this blog you know I like to talk about my dreams every now and then.

So it started a few weeks ago on Facebook. You know it’s happened a thousand times before. Words there-delivered with the best of intentions turning into an explosive shit storm results in misunderstanding and resentment. Instead of strengthening my connections with others FB was only damaging them.

It had been building for so long anyhow, getting sucked back in to that sick world of delusion controlled by that grinning millennial Mark Zuckerberg who has called all the people that subscribe to his network “dumb fucks” and laughs because he knows they don’t have the strength of independence to leave. It’s all out there in the media anyhow – his belief in socialism, his design of the Like button to act as a form of crack for lab rats, how they intentionally started piping highly charged news articles into the FB feeds in an effort to compete with Twitter’s perceived ‘news-worthiness.‘ There’s even a movie made about the Zuck’s sub-standard character, but still his power and influence continues to grow from a morass of willing sublicants.

You notice throughout this I move back and forth between he/they, Zuck/FB…it’s because they do indeed blend. This should surprise no one, again, the Zuck has always been very open about his Collectivism. And for those still confused about Collectivism and think it represents some sore of grand equity scheme – this should be the great lesson that now, it’s not one-for-all and all-for-one, it’s just all-for-one as far as the Zuck is concerned.

The biggest mistake people make about Facebook is thinking that it is an open forum – that it is a free and neutral-zone for the exchange of ideas. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is a totally manufactured zone and designed toward one purpose – keeping you in the system for as long as possible and using you to bring more people into the system and keeping them there for long as possible.

Again, there is nothing esoteric or even conspiratorial about this. Remember when FB went public with their stock? Most good analysts were skeptical. Why? Because FB doesn’t actually create anything of value. How can a company be successful without actually creating or providing anything of value? The answer was advertising, and how much can FB incorporate before people stop using their free services.

I realized the Zuck was a perfect real world manifestation of the protagonist of the PKD book the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. I’d read the book before (it’s on the EOB reading list) but decided it was time to read it again. Also, it was time to finally quit Facebook for good, I did so. It was Quit-FB-Lite meaning I could always log back in at anytime in the the future and be Remanifested in that false and energy -sucking world.

I felt freedom, but also stress. I think the stress might have been from other things – like my job which involved the fate of a entire hospital in Iowa and whether they would be able to continue, or leave hundreds of good people unemployed. Also on of my favorite people there, and one of the main people I was relying on to help get us through it, had her husband in the hospital on dialysis ready to depart this world at any moment.

There were other things too, too numerous to mention, but the end result of it all was laying in a hotel room alone trying to go to sleep, but having trouble breathing due to this incredible tension in my chest. Jesus is this how it ends? Am I going to have a heart attacks just laying here? Or maybe I’ll just lay here all night and not sleep and have to go work at the Hospital tomorrow after no sleep? I think of my wife, a thousand miles away in Texas with our dogs. If feel so far away. Eventually I start slipping into that twilight mentality. Not asleep but seeing things. Eyes closed but seeing things in the room through the darkness.

I’m with my wife and some others. We’re going to an event. It’s a building exactly like MFAH in Houston at dusk. We’re going to see some kind of exhibit that involves walking through a maze, and there are supposed to be some kind of “alien attraction” in the maze. At the top of the stairs behind the ticket table is my old friend Charles Lamkin taking tickets. My wife says “isn’t that that guy you used to know in TOS?” I say, “yeah, but I don’t know if he will acknowledge us…it’s been like 20 year after all.”

The thing is, whenever I see one of these sorts of people in a dream, it alway means something, I don’t dream about these people all the time, it’s rare, I mean a decade or so rare.

Anyhow, someone else gets us our tickets and we never even talk to old Charles. So then we are going through the maze. Round one corner, then another, wondering what we’ll find around the next. Eventually we round one and then they are – the aliens. There’s three of them but one in particulars up up close. They are all green. Green body cloaks and green skin with frog like faces under Greg cowls. The main one up from looks up at me from under the cowl, and he has big Metallic-Eyes like Palmer Eldritch. The metallic eyes start to turn pink, and then without warning fire pink lasers right into my eyes and into my head. This is where the Valis part enters the scene – like the pink laser that shot up PKD in his book Valis.  It was a huge changing point for him, after that happened is when he became aware of this connection with an ancient Gnostic Priest and other epi-phenomena. It felt like a changing point for me but I’m still trying to unpack what it all means.

But for sure one thing in corresponds with is the idea of the Supersubstantial. That consumption of a higher influence is the only thing that can really transform you.  You have to open to it aslo. Obviously I was open to it in my dreamscape – I went to the event willingly and event paid to get in. In my dreamscape, as the alien’s pink lasers penetrate my psyche, the transubstantiation is immediate. My whole aim changes. No longer concerned with gravity, I begin floating up toward the ceiling. In total ecstasy and joy I bounce against it and continue moving down the halls. Down below my wife follows along apparently not distressed by any of these events. In fact some other tourists have joined her and are walking along, as she explains, “yeah, he does this sometimes.”

We’re about to turn another corner and I come back down to join her, right were I belong.

Like I said, you go way out. Sometimes that laser is actually there to cut. Like a Light Saber, cut you off from the things that were holding you in place. It’s like Luke had to lose that hand, so he could finally to balance himself internally. Cut loose, without gravity you start to spin out of the safe orbit you were accustomed to. Way out there in the cosmic zones you can look back down, you see everything is so small, you can’t even see the people anymore, only the principles, the forms, the movements. You know which movements might lead somewhere good, and you damn well can see which ones are bad. Meanwhile that laser is also nourishing you. Making you stronger. Strong enough to stand up for what you know is right, and to push away that which is bad. Like Superman, you finally fly back down to Earth, and there’s Lois Lane. Waiting.

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