Kona Talk – Design for Divinity

Follows is transcript from the talk I gave in Kona. You can listen to the live recording here:


Kona Talk

October 2017

Design for Divinity


I have some very good news for ya’ll today. You already have everything you need to have total Individuality, Freedom, and immortality.


You have already made a conscientious decision in favor of these things, and have already taken responsibility for them. You’ve already made the most important decision of your life; The key, is in the remembering.


And when this discussion is over you will have a clearer picture of who you are, why you came here, and where your destiny lies. You will have a better understanding of how to unlock what is already in you – the possibility of achieving the ultimate potential endowed upon you by Prince of Darkness.


I’m going to talk about design, and the idea that we are designed for individuality, freedom, and immortality. We were made this way, and, built to achieve certain ends…And as it turns out we’re actually quite good at it.. even though we may suffer occasional memory lapses.


You see, when we talk about ideas like Set, or Isolate intelligence, we’re actually talking about that design. The design of a rational mind that is inextricably individualistic, isolate, and self-reflexive; and whose decision are necessarily personal and arbitrary.


But the apprehension of that design is axiomatic – everything else flows from it; from this fundamental ability to apprehend the principle of causality, and our ability to naturally ratiocinate; to form judgements by a process of logic and reason, to use the rational mind.


Think about it…an average adult human being, once advised of the existence of logic, does not need to be told why logic is significant. We understand instantly that logic is real, significant, correct. That it’s logical.


This is because the structure for it is preexisting; it’s part of our design. And sure, we can use our rational mind for solving algebra problems, or working out logical proofs. But the fact is we use it in very practical sense to make decisions about life on a daily basis for all manner of things. Man is designed to be a very efficient evaluator and decision maker. Some estimate the average person makes as many as 35,000 decisions a day, assessing things like time, place, value.



So I want to talk now a little bit LHP vs RHP, and how they take man, how they approach the significance of human life on earth


The RHP – and by this I mean the Abrahamic Religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, AND most political systems…Marxism, Fascism, Socialism etc. Begin not with observing man as he is, but with the vision of an idealized Social Order into which man must fit.


  • They begin by establishing expectations and guidelines for this order, and from here work their way backwards to man as the individual.


  • So here they find man as a component of that order, and oblige him to abide by certain guidelines and requirements, socially, economically, even sexually.



  • They do not ask the individual how he feels about this, whether he thinks it just, or even desirable. Both is mind and his body are obliged to conform, almost always with coercion…by force or the threat of force.
    • THEY know what’s best for you, and THEY have a plan for putting everyone in their proper place.


  • This also where the idea of Collectivism comes from, and in particular it is the presence of coercion which distinguishes Collectivism from from voluntary cooperation amongst free individuals.



  • Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group—whether to a race, class or state does not matter. It does not mean voluntary cooperation or collaboration between free individuals. There is no mystical authority or divine imperative mandating that we must accept the evil of coercion, subjugation, or enslavement of our fellow-man in order to exist as a society.


  • In reality, societies form themselves quite naturally and productively by the action of will-full and self interested individuals creating value, and voluntarily exchanging value – value in resources, goods and services, ideas, energy, and magic.



The LHP – takes man as we find him. An individual who again, is able to independently make thousands of decisions a day that are based on his particular needs and in relation to his own unique point in space and time and his own personal and idiosyncratic preferences.


  • For instance Gurdjieff, found individual man as largely a machine that serves nature, with a small part of him that is essential and that can grow into something conscious and willful. He said that Man as he is has no individual But there are, instead, hundreds and thousands of separate small “I”s – and yet will and individuality is part of his providence – part of his design and thus potential, that he might yet fulfill. It might be buried down in there somewhere, yet it is there. The key is in the remembering.


  • Anton LaVey, found individual man as a carnal being. As just another animal sometimes better but more often worse that those who go on four legs. A being endowed with the potential for responsibility, wisdom and kindness, and whose natural aim is his own personal vital existence and indulgence. If nothing else, LaVey was a champion of private ownership of the body.


  • Michael Aquino – took this same line of thinking and extended it to man’s metaphysical existence. That in addition material sovereignty – the ownership of our bodies; we also have sovereignty of the mind – the psyche, and that this is embodied in the idea of isolate intelligence, which is indelibly part of our design based on a first iteration of same – the Principle of Isolate Intelligence.


And really it’s the metaphysical fact of isolate intelligence, that leads to the next thing I want to talk about…




From Isolate Intelligence flows the principle of Individuality. It is the metaphysical fact of isolate intelligence that forms the basis for the emergence on the social level, of the experience of individuality.


Oxford Dictionaries define Individuality as


  1. The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked.
  2. Separate existence….which really very similar to the phrase “isolate intelligence”


Isolate Intelligence means that for intelligence to exist it must enjoy separate existence from other intelligence. That each instance of intelligence must occupy different space and time, and that for it to exist, it must be able to distinguish itself from others.


Dr. Flowers elaborates on this in the Crystal Tablet:


“The distinction is the result of the existence of the principle of isolate consciousness within the universe, and the presence of the Gift of that Intelligence within individual members of the human species. The LHP solution is then to cultivate and nurture this intelligence as a separate and unique quality, that it may Xeper, Xeper leads to individually-determined freedom.”


Individually determined freedom. Not group-determined freedom. Not socially-determined freedom. Or organizationally determined freedom. The true freedom promised by Xeper can only be self-determined.


Isolate intelligence means that we are individuals, isolate intelligence FACILITATES individuality. As our own particular unique experience of Isolate Intelligence emerges from the principle of isolate intelligence, we realize that it is part of our design.


We see that Xeper is part of our design.


We see that responsibility is part of our design.


It is only we as humans, as children of the Gift of Set, that can take responsibility. We don’t speak of animals as taking responsibility, it would make no sense.


And finally we realize that being able to distinguish slavery from freedom, voluntary acts from coercive acts, is also part of our design.


It means that we have rational self interest and that we have a right – a natural right – to claim our psyche, and body, as our own property to do with as we will. It is the fundamental state upon which Aleister Crowley’s Law of Do What thou Wilt is based.



This free and sovereign isolate intelligence is literally the Gift of Set. Violating the natural rights of individuals that are indissoluble from that gift – whether by coercion, steeling, slavery – literally profanes and denigrates the Gift of Set, for clearly we were designed with purpose to be free individuals.
So, from isolate intelligence and individuality flows the concept of fundamental natural rights.
The 17th century Enlightenment philosopher John Locke articulated these fundamental rights well as life, liberty, and property. He used the term ‘natural rights’ to refer to these.


The New Oxford definition of ‘Right’: “A right considered to be inherent or inalienable, especially in connection with the individual’s relationship to the state and to society.”


Interestingly, John Locke was also the first to define the self through a continuity of consciousness, which is something we spend a lot of time studying in the Order of Leviathan.


These rights must be understood as something that flows from your fundamental nature, rather than as something granted to you…i.e. not applicable to things that you need other people to give you, like food or water, or goods and services.


You see, you can’t have a right, not a natural right, to something that someone else has to provide for you.


You don’t have a right to be served in a restaurant- ex

You don’t have a right to receive services


This is what they used to believe under slavery, that you have a right to be served by some people, and therefore it is morally permissible to force certain people to serve you. Or to rob certain people in order to pay for those services.


You do have a natural right to your Life, that means a right to not have it taken away from you against your will. You have a natural right to not be unjustly killed or aggressed against. And in turn, you have a natural responsibility not to unjustly kill or aggress against another conscious being. Again, this would be a denigration of the Gift of Set.


You have a natural right to liberty, to live freely. To not be forced into a cage. To do what you will so long as it causes no harm to others, or interferes with their rights to life or liberty.





Due to isolate intelligence and the nature of perception we are naturally inclined to feel ownership over our body.


Further, through our works we can claim other external aspects of the universe as our own property.


Example: I worked and saved money, and bought this shirt – it is my possession. We establish ownership through Working – In a truly magical and natural act of applying our mind to the universe to cause change in accordance with will. It is Dr. Flowers’ formula of See/Awaken/Act, applied to a certain object, from which ownership arises.


And for John Locke, the concept of private property begins with your very self, the body. In his Two Treatises on Government  he says


“… everyman has a property in his own Person. This no body has any right to but himself. The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his. Whatsoever then he removes out of the state that nature hath provided, and left it in, he hath mixed his labour with, and joyned to it something that is his own, and thereby makes it his property. It being by him removed from the common state nature placed it in, it hath by this labour something annexed to it, that excludes the common right of other men.”


So, by the interaction of the mind and will – the subjective universe, with the conditions we find ourselves in, that is the objective universe, new creations are brought forth that we might call our own.


Sound familiar? It’s Black magic. It’s LBM and MBM, where the SU moves to establish dominion over the OU. It’s GBM where the Subjective universe transforms itself into a perfected sovereign being.


Free Will


Isolate intelligence means we are fundamentally free beings. Free from the laws which govern the cosmos.


We were designed not to be slaves, not to be lorded over by masters, and most of us find it undesirable to be in that situation, or to see others in that situation.


We were designed not to be governed, but to be self-governing individuals.


Freedom means we have the opportunity to become responsible beings. That we are able to take responsibility, rather then have it given to us…or assigned to us.


It makes no sense to say that something without isolate intelligence should behave responsibly. Again, we don’t talk about animals as being responsible. We don’t say the universe is responsible for giving us something. It is only through a misapprehension of the role of authority, that we imagine that other people – under the guise of church or state – are responsible for giving us anything, or providing us with services.


The psychologist Victor Frankl saw responsibility as so important and fundamental a virtue that he believed a Statue of Responsibility should be erected on the west coast of America, to balance out the Statue of Liberty that stands on the east. Freedom is, of course, important, but Frankl believed that it is ‘in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of responsibleness

Victor Frankl, was a psychologist and probably one of the greatest proponent of free-will from within that discipline. He also wrote the book Man’s Search for Meaning under incredible conditions, for he was also a Jew in Vienna in the late 1930’s when the Nazis invaded.


The Nazis forced him and his young wife to abort their first child.


A short time later they and his parents were arrested and deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto north of Prague. After half a year there his father died of exhaustion.


Shortly thereafter, he his wife and mother were transported to the death camp Auschwitz. His mother was immediately murdered in the gas chamber. He was separated from his wife as she was sent to Bergen-Belsen, where she was to die at the age of 24.


Later In cattle cars Viktor Frankl was transported, via Vienna, to Kaufering and Türkheim (subsidiary camps of Dachau). Even under the extreme conditions of the camps Frankl found his theses about fate and freedom corroborated.


In the last camp he came down with typhoid fever. To avoid fatal collapse during the nights he kept himself awake by reconstructing his book manuscript on slips of paper stolen from the camp office.


On April 27 the camp was liberated by U.S. troops. Frankl purportedly said, “I must publish my book then!”


Even in the degradation and abject misery of a concentration camp, Frankl was able to exercise the most important freedom of all – the freedom to determine one’s own attitude, to take ownership of ones own perspective. To make a decision. No sadistic servants of the state were able to take that away from him or control his inner world.


So rather than give in to the oppression and denigration of being that comes with imprisonment, he mentally battled his way to an unwavering belief in the power of free will, and the realization that it is the individual’s responsibility to make the decision, each for him or herself.


In Man’s Search for Meaning, he says:


“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”



Our Will, our freedom to choose, is evidenced a thousand times a day in the decisions that we make. Big decisions, small decisions. Small decisions like should

  • Should I order the Big Mac or the Fillet of Fish?
  • Should I tell someone what I really think?
  • Should I write down these instructions?


Or we make very big decisions

  • Should I get married?
  • Should I take a new job offer?
  • Should I join a kooky religion that worships a cosmic ant-eater?


As human creatures we do all these things quite naturally. We never even question our capacity for making these evaluations. Because the structure for it is always in place. It’s always been there. We cannot legitimately recall a time when it was not present.


There have been those who have tried to make the case that all of this decision making is purely mechanical, purely predestination. B.F. Skinner who developed the Behavioral School of psychology was famous for promoting this idea of man as a machine.

Pavlov – really just a creepy torture artist – who cut holes in the faces of dogs in order to observe how they salivate and prove the mechanicalness of life.


All for the name of science and to prove that we have no free and individual will,


The ideology that goes along with this is that since are lacking individual free will as people, we are incapable of making good decisions for ourselves; and therefore a central authority, guided by the hand of science, must therefore take responsibility.


This was the guiding thought behind the Eugenic s Movements in England and America in the early 20th Century, the Nazi Death camp human experiments, Soviet Scientists trying to cross bread apes with humans to create super-soldiers. All these atrocities were under the auspices of man’s best interests.


This is why when I hear Neil DeGrasse Tyson saying we need more Scientists in government, I feel like we should really think about that, as historically the sciences fueled by unchecked state-power have tended to have a de-humanizing effect on things.

Eventually, all these Centralized Authoritarian solutions always come to the same conclusion, that Free Will must be obliterated. A key point in George Orwell’s 1984, when O’Brian explains to Winston Smith, “If you want a vision of the future Winston, imagine a boot stepping on someone’s head.”


Yet despite all these attempts to divert or sublimate, Free Will endures. Evidenced by your own ability to make decisions, and by having made the most important decision – the decision that brought you here.






Remember in the beginning, I said that you had already made the decision in favor of Individuality, freedom and immortality.


Isolate intelligence also means that we are immortal. The keys to this are in the structure of the psyche. The psyche is designed to perceive infinitely into the past as well as into the future. The Egyptians represented this idea with the KA. Dr. Aquino describes this in his book Mindstar:


“While the Ba may, particularly posthumously, lose awareness of itself through the paradoxical expansion of that consciousness into its entire perceptive field, the Ka remains immortally finite, distinct, and otherness-separate. Thus in an expressive, active sense it becomes the externally-identifiable individual beyond physical death.”


The winged image of the Ka, is reiterated in the Mazdan system with the Fravashi. Also sometimes translated as the pre-soul. Gurdjieff called it “The Causal Body” The idea in Mazdaism is that we are all iterations from the ultimate principle of consciousness. Much in the same way that we as Setians view personal psychecentric Intelligence, to be an iteration from the Principle of Isolate Intelligence.


But in the Mazdan system the Fravashi or pre-soul can simply remain there in the arms of the Creator – in the Cosmic Crib if you will – for as long as it wishes. We remain in this sort of larval state, with all the other pre-souls, really for as long as we want. It’s like a wonderful place in the arms of peace and love, like staying in the womb surrounded by amniotic fluid. And we love and are loved and could really just stay there forever if we wanted to. But eventually, we became aware of something. Something wrong somewhere far away from us.


These are the echos from what is called the Druj, or the Lie, which exists in this world. The Middle World. The forces of ignorance, nonconsiousness, cruelty, coercion, pollution, degradation, slavery, violence.  In our dream world, a vague sense of great cosmic injustice, a great suffering, a confused and fitful presence begins to intrude upon our peaceful slumber.


This realization alone starts to create a sort of wakefulness in us. And a sense of urgency. And a sense of needing to do something. To Fight. Because we realize if it can eventually win and take over everything in the Middle World, then it will be able to reach us here in the amniotic pre-soul world as well. The forces of evil and the Lie could then directly encroach upon the principle of consciousness. Upon the Principle of Isolate intelligence itself.


And indeed in the Book of Coming Forth by Night Set says


“alone I cannot preserve my Elect, but I would teach them and strengthen their Will against the coming peril, that they and their blood may endure. To do this I must give further of my own Essence to my Elect, and, should they fail, the Majesty of Set shall fade and be ended.”


So we have a sense that we can loose. That it can all end, that consciousness and isolate intelligence can be over. And so we make a conscious decision to go and fight. Fight against the Lie. To join in the constant effort of Slaying Apep and dispelling delusion.


We Volunteer to do this. We Volunteered to come to this world. This simple idea alone, dispels all the nonsense about original sin, and establishes responsibility as our own.


The Fravashi is in many ways like the Egyptian idea of the Ka. Both are represented with huge wingspans, and both send forth another aspect of the soul into the “ordinary” world. The Fravashi sends the Urvan into the world, and this Urvan is very similar to the Egyptian idea of the Ba. And the Ba will one day be reunited with the Ka, in the same way the Urvan will one day be reunited with the Fravashi.


Ka and Fravashi also both correspond with the Greek idea of the Daimon. That self ahead of itself, or that Holy Guardian Angel of Aleister Crowley, that has total knowledge of all past and present and steps in every now and then to help us out in times of great need.


(the image, a guy in wing contraption)


So in these interaction of Fravashi and Urvan, pure finite consciousness maintains continuity; with unlimited vision into the past and into the future.


as Dr Aquino ponders further in Mindstar:


“Is attainment of the immortality of the ba or psyche a technique which the individual has to “learn”? Must one hurry to do so, lest ones’ body expire before the transition is mastered? Quite the contrary, as the sage in Her-Bak emphasized: The immortality is innate in all conscious beings. You possess it already, by evidence of that same consciousness which enables you to read and comprehend these words. It is nothing which initiation, either Setian or natural, “confers” on you; rather it is something to which conventional churches have resolved to blind you, and which materialistic science has denied simply because it is an aspect of existence which transcends that science.”






A final aspect of our design that is integral to all the others is that we are designed to be able to receive a certain quality of nourishment.


All instances of organic life – plant, insects, reptiles, mammals and on up the chain, are designed for consuming only specific types of food.


In the same way, different ordering of life are able to process different qualities of energy, or as is represented in the Mazdan Way, different qualities of Fire.


  1. There is a kind of fire that is found within the bodies of humans and animals. This fire requires it’s own food and water in order to be sustained. It may be understood as LifeForce Energy, and in Setian terms may correspond with Aeonic Utterance of Arkte. It is the fire that binds man and animal together.
  2. Then there’s a kind of fire found in plants. Which needs water but no food. They say 4 fingers out from the surface of the plant, is where the limit of it’s fire reaches.
  3. There’s a kind of fire in the clouds, that we call lightening, or think of as ‘heavenly fire’.
  4. Then of course there’s ordinary fires, which require food of fuel, but don’t like water.


And then you come across some more cosmic sorts of fire, or what I like to call Supersubstantial Fires:


  1. There’s the fire of the original creation, which takes us back to the origins of the universe. I like to think of it as the Red Flame alluded to in The Diabolicon in the Statement of Leviathan, where it is said Heaven must perish, Hell must perish, and man alone must remain ere the Black Flame becomes Red in the glory of its perfection
  2. But the really special and Supersubstantial Fire is something Mainyu Athra, the fire that illuminates the way of truth. This certainly must correspond to the highest frequency of fire – Black Flame and Most Most Holy Fire Supersubstantial.


But notice also, that all the different manifestations of Fire are connected with ideas about consuming                     something; They are connected with the idea of nourishment, and different fires are needed for nourishing different orderings of organic life.


For man it is the fire called Mainyu Athra, that he needs to feed his conscious evolution and growth, and it is this fire that only he can consume by virtue of his deign. Man was designed to be able to consume, digest, and integrate this highest substance – this Supersubstantial fire.

It is only man that is able to consume it, for it is only man that is able to digest it, and integrate it in order to produce a higher state of being.





Everyone has heard these words before, and everyone has uttered these words before:

“I Am”
In some accounts these are the first words of god. The first conscious utterance.


In Exodus 3:14 it is the response of God when Moses asks for his name. I AM THAT I AM


In Roman Catholicism, it is found in the revealing of the mysterious name of god YHWH “I AM HE WHO IS”, “I AM WHO AM” or “I AM WHO I AM”


The expression also factors heavily in much of Egyptian Creation cosmology, and in one version it the Goddess of Magic, Heka, uttering I AM from within the voide of creation.


It is reiterated from some of sets first words in the Book of Coming Forth by Night – I am the ageless intelligence of the universe


Of this Dr. Aquino says in his Analysis and Commentary:


“The Universe as a whole is mechanically consistent, but it does not possess a “God” personality that favors one of its components — such as mankind — above others. The Set-entity, however, is a finite intelligence within the Universe and can draw such distinctions. Set is a being operating independently of the order of the objective universe, not in enforced or unconscious concert with it.”


Psychologists like to tell us our first impressions of self awareness occur and are often expressed in these words, I Am, somewhere around the age of 2.
But according to Zarathushtra we said these words before we came here to this world, when we were still in the pre-soul state. And in our first act of awakening so is the first conscious action taken.

We were purposefully and intentionally designed by our creator to live freely, independently, and willfully; can any act be called justifiable, that seeks to incarcerate that freedom, crush that independence, or nullify that will. Is not any such unjustified aggression against this distinctly divine state, a denigration and profanation of the most sacred work of creation, and of our designer, his Gift.


When you realize that you have already made that decision – to come here, to fight for the good, individuality, success – it empowers you. It fills you with confidence and strength of mind from knowing that you have already done it.


That’s the hardest part usually – making the decision and committing to something. Well you’ve already done that. But now you remember. And when you remember that it opens you up to this whole new world of energy and potential. And its always been there before, you just weren’t aware of it and aware that you were designed to absorb it and process it and integrate it into your being so you can become the full potential of what you have been endowed with by Set.


Why are we interested in Xeper? Well, we were designed for it! We’re Designed for Xeper. And we are Designed to able consume the right kind of Fire to Remanifest Supersubstantial Being. Let us seek only to cultivate and exalt that unique indwelling essence in our self, that it may in turn cultivate and exalt the essence of the worlds that we inhabit, thereby making them wonderful.


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