Once you realize you are being controlled. Once you awaken to the fact that you have no choice in certain, that you are being compelled by threat of force, you have one of two choices – comply, or rebel.

If you comply, you can do so willingly, or reluctantly. You can do so pleasantly if you believe the control is just – that it for your own good. Or if you think it is less than wise, or that the authority is possibly fallible, you can rationalize your conformity. In this case your mind becomes a purely passive force, conforming to the active force of external authority.

Or you can rebel. Rebellion doesn’t have to mean an immediate and risky physical resistance. Rebellion begins in the mind. It begins with the same awareness that Lucifer expressed after experiencing “the new mind,” when he says “Finally my will flamed to life, and I thought – and I perceived my Self, and I know that I was one alone in mind and a being of essence unique. (Diabolicon).



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