The Year of the Red Fire Monkey in Review

This is an attempt to recap, to articulate the moment, and to prepare for the completion of another cycle.

It’s also a review of the year 2016 from a totally psyche-centric perspective.

  • Remanifestation of the Supersubstantial, Epiousios, Holy Fire
  • Remanifestation of Asmodeus X
  • My Mother takes ill, I learn while working on a hospital job site in Beaufort South Carolina. Fellow consultant tells me “that’s your mother you need to go to her.”
  •  I rush to her bedside in Nebraska. As I arrive her eyes are open but close soon after.
  • I spend a week at her bedside. Listen to lots of Gathas and reading Zoroastrian literature.
  • The Recognition of Zarathushtra as the first prophet of the Supersubstantial in ATHRA
  • Mother dies, I am at her side at her passing, coinciding with first March rain.
  • Preside over cremation and funeral
  • Begin new project New Hampshire job site.
  • Sirius XV – Kepler 186 – land of Milk and Gold. Remanifestation of Erbeth.
  • Remanifestation of Conscience and Responsibility.
  • Second funeral for mother, I preside over ceremony, interment in ashes in Missouri, visit historic family grave sites.
  • Psychedelic Blasphemy – Reunion with Electric Hellfire Club
  • I love my family and family dogs
  • I remember more consistently and with ease, that I have already decided to come here to fight for the good.

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