Sir Loki and Daimonosophy

Someone recently asked me who is Sir Loki and how it is he ended up getting the sole dedication in the book Daimonosophy. A fair enough question worthy of answer.

During my Adept days, Sir Loki was my good friend, fellow student, and initiatory brother. We both hailed as the first two Setians in the small town of Lincoln, Nebraska. We were Recognized Adept within only a few months of each other, attended our first Conclave in San Francisco together (Set XII), and together established the first TOS group in Nebraska: the Asmodeus Pylon.

The first year of Asmodeus Pylon activities (1991-92) centered around studies of Reading List titles – Secrets of the Geman Sex Magicians, Morning of the Magicians, and eventually an interesting little book called The Fourth Way. We would read the agreed-upon book on our own, take notes, then get together and share those notes with engaging discussions that would go on for hours. It was a very intense time of discovery for both of us, being also each enrolled in our own respective undergraduate programs at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

What sealed the dedication in Daimonosophy 20 years later is connected with our study session for the book The Fourth Way by P.D. Ouspensky. Those who are familiar with the Fourth Way or similar books by Ouspensky will recall the model of A, B, and C Influences. I won’t relate details of the model here but only circumstances of the study session, in which Sir Loki said, “I noticed that if you replace the term ‘C Influnces’ with ‘the Black Flame,’ it seems to still make sense.”

I gave it a try, and indeed it seemed true. In fact more than simply maintaining coherence, it seemed to further create an expansive depth of new meaning to the text. Nearly everything that was further stated in regard to C Influences seemed to reveal more insight into the phenomenon Setians refer to as the Black Flame: it transmits knowledge and meaning, it energizes, and it is substantial.

From that time on the Black Flame became a central idea in my approach to initiation. Not just a symbol for an ancient genetic modification and arising of sapience, but moreover an approach to the Black Flame as a symbol for substantial higher influences that can have a transformative effect on those who are aware of it and are prepared to receive it. A stream of the Supersubstantial, for those who are ready to ‘tune in.’

The idea became an overriding theme throughout much of my initiation since then, and thus much of what appears in Daimonosophy, which of necessity is a reflection of the evolution of many ideas over time and in harmony with the central notion of the Supersubstantial, and my own efforts of ‘dialing-in’ my own ability to speak about it. Over time what sounds like many transmissions from many voices all speaking at once, acquired gradual focus and harmony in the mode of a singular voice. As represented in the dedication for Daimonosophy, I could have thanked maybe a hundred individuals. But in the memory of Sir Loki – who has since himself transformed and left this earthly existence – I see all of it represented in a seed that has only yet to flower.

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