7. The Five U’s of Epiousios

Adoption of Epiousios is an urgent need because as long as Xeper is taken as simply an idea, people with think they can interact with it at a purely ideological level. We don’t want to see the Temple of the future become an ‘ideology pool’ where varying systems or political strategies vie for control. In a very real sense Epiousios represents a ‘fuel source’ for Xeper, which means there is an ‘Energy Economy’ to the Aeon of Set that has never been fully acknowledged. We all know what happens to societies that do not recognize and acknowledge their source of fuel.  We understand the need for fuel/energy in all things in life but when it comes to our initiation suddenly we think we can get by with just shuffling ideas around. Epiousios rebels against this notion, and redirects us to consider the tangible aspects of our existence – the substantia of Xeper.

Epiousios is a unique solution because it challenges the adopter to embrace the materiality of personal development and evolution. No other word has highlighted this particular aspect of existence.  On a socio-political level it provides us with a non-confrontational connection with the strongest memes of mainstream Western Culture (Matthew 6:11). There may be a point in the future where the Temple of Set has an opportunity to  contribute to culture on a grand scale, where we will need to be able to speak to not only to the Elect, but to those outside the Temple who follow the Left-Hand path, as well as those who follow a different path or no path at all.

Epiousios is useful because it helps us identify, highlight and optimize the value of certain initiatory activities, like direct exchange with other initiates, reflection on certain ideas or images, certain physical exercises, and so forth. As we talk about a fuel source for Xeper, it’s reasonable to ask, where is that fuel source? As we study the power of impressions, higher influences and inner states of receptivity, we begin to see that certain initiatory activities seem to carry more weight than others.  We may find certain impressions resonating deeply within our hearts, or literally feel the power of direct exchange with other initiates. Epiousios gives us a context for understanding these sorts of experiences and thereby optimize our experience with Xeper.

Epiousios is ultra-specific in that it focuses temporally on the front and back-end of Xeper. It directs attention specifically to those actions leading up to Xeper  – the reception of the Supersubstantial; and the state that results from Xeper  – the Remanifestation of a Supersubstantial state of being. It responds to the question, “What feeds Xeper?”

Epiousios is User-friendly in that it is easily understood as “Supersubstantial,” an English innovation with two rather common root-words. It offers a simple context for approaching questions like what is the Black Flame, and why is it relevant to Initiation? Why do we value direct interaction?

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